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Publishers: Blythe Barnhill, Lynn Spencer and Dabney Grinnan

Blythe Barnhill: Managing Editor

Lynn Spencer: Ombudswoman, Reviews Editor

Dabney Grinnan: Social Media Maven, Blog Manager

Lea Hensley: Advertising Manager, Senior Reviewer, Message Board Moderator

Jane Granville: Reviews Editor, Senior Reviewer

Jean Wan: Reviews Editor, Senior Reviewer

Lee Brewer: Publisher Liaison, Pollster

LinnieGayl Kimmel: Pollster, Senior Reviewer

Anne Marble: AARList Moderator

Cindy Smith: Pollster

Bessie Makris: Coming Attractions

Maggie Boyd: Senior Reviewer

Pat Henshaw: Senior Reviewer

Rike Horstmann: Senior Reviewer

Wendy Clyde: Senior Reviewer

Caz Owen: Senior Reviewer

Heather Stanton: Senior Reviewer

Mary Skelton: Senior Reviewer

Melanie Bopp: Senior Reviewer

Caroline Russomanno: Senior Reviewer

Jenna Harper: Reviewer

Haley Kral: Reviewer

Alexandra Anderson: Reviewer

Allie Jackson: Reviewer

Shannon Dyer: Reviewer

Our reviewers vary significantly - in age, style, reading preferences, and where we live. Six of our alumni reviewers are published authors. Our youngest reviewers are in their twenties and our oldest are, well, older. 

Our reviewers are varied in ethnicity and origin, from Asia to New Zeland to Europe to the Carribbean, to North America. We have or have had reviewers living in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Canada, and the United States. We are comprised of various races, religions, political persuasions, lifestyles, and yes - three of our reviewers are/have been men.

What do our reviewers have in common? A love for romance novels, an informative and entertaining method of sharing their opinions, and a diverse set of likes and dislikes in romance reading.

If you are interested in joining our review staff, please submit this online form.

AAR Reviewer Alumni

Laurie Gold, Alumna Emerita, Founder and Original Publisher

Nora Armstrong
Deborah Barber
Lilly Berry
Abi Bishop
Catherine Bishop
Heather Brooks
Sandy Coleman
Lori-Anne Cohen
Sybil Cook
Noelle Leslie de la Cruz
Kate Cuthbert
Leigh Davis
Nanette Donohue
Rebecca Ekmark
Carolyn Esau
Stephanie Ford
Beverly Forehand-Anderson
Andi Davis
Megan Frampton
Teresa Galloway
Lisa Gardineer
Kate Garrabrant
Carole Genz
Susanna Gill
Melissa Gold
Heidi Haglin
Sharal Heinemann
Keisha Hudson
Linda Hurst
Carol Irvin
Nicolette Jardine
Jane Jorgenson
Diana Ketterer
Jennifer Keirans
Joyce Kleine
Maria K
Marguerite Kraft
Anthony Langford
Jessica Langlois
Liana LaRiccia
Alina Laurie
Joan Lee
Emma Leigh
Mary Ann Lien
Liz Litchfield
Sunny MacAllister
Katie Mack
Colleen McMahon
Ellen Micheletti
Donna Newman
Ha Nguyen
Mary Novak
Jacqueline Owens
Kelly Parker

Christine Peterson
Andrea Pool
Rachel Potter
Anne Ritter
Larry Rogers
Dee Sains
Jennifer Schendel
Monica Schwarze
Laurie Shallah
Kate Smith
TaKiesha Smith
Cheryl Sneed
Lori Sowell
Marianne Stillings
Erin Sullivan
Candy Tan
Claudia Terrones
Leigh Thomas
Robin Uncapher
Tess VanBroekhuizen
Louise VanderVliet
Jeanne W
Katarina Wikholm
Liz Zink

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