Blythe Barnhill:
The results of the 2001 cover contest are finally in. Readers - and authors - have spoken, and they let us know their favorites. AAR's Cover Ballot Committee vetted more than 550 covers in 2001, a tremendous increase over last year's consideration of 350 covers. Nearly 25% more votes were made in this year's contest than in last year's contest. Perhaps some of that can be attributed to the new category we added this year for Historical Series Romances, which includes the covers for Harlequin Historicals, as well as Zebra and Signet (and the occasional Harlequin) traditional Regency Romances. But most of the increase is simply due to the efforts of AAR's Cover Ballot Committee and the growing popularity of this yearly AAR contest.

AAR would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to members of the Cover Ballot Committe for their day-to-day work on this annual project, which truly lasts a year for committee members. And for those of you who took the time to vote, we send out another hearty thank you!

It's interesting to note the variety of comments from voters. While many appreciated a very sexy cover, there seems to be a trend toward softness and subtlety, and a better use of color. We're seeing a lot of women alone, and couples together who still have their clothes on. Each year's slate of candidates improves over the previous year, even for the sometimes cringe-inducing covers for Alternate Reality, Series, and Historical Series. We hope that next year we'll be showing you a ballot at least as attractive as this one, and perhaps even more attractive.

Below you'll find the winning images in all seven categories. Above each image is a "jump" link which will open a new window in your browser and provide you with detailed results and accompanying analysis for each particular category. You can go through the detailed results in that manner, or simply click the arrows you'll find at the bottoms of the pages. There are also links on each page to our Potpourri Message Board, where we'd love to have your comments, and to a form where you can nominate a 2002 cover.

Without further ado, the winners:

Winner in Historical: Single Cover
Winner Historical: With Stepback
Almost Innocent An Offer From a Gentleman - Front An Offer From a Gentleman - Stepback
Winner in Contemporary

Hide and Seek

Winner in Series

The Mysterious Twin

Winner in Historical Series

Much Obliged

Winner Alternate Reality


"Winner" in Worst

Emily's Daughter

To the Historical: Single Cover Results

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The 2001 Cover Ballot Committee:

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