For the Love of God

Found here are straight romances (as opposed to inspirational romances) that feature men and women of the cloth, devout and pious characters of various religions, and heroes and heroines who are struggling with a crisis of faith.

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Medieval Romances
Regency Romances
European Historical Romances
American Historical/Frontier Romances
Contemporary Romances
Alternate Reality


Medieval Romances

  • A Dove at Midnight (1993) by Rexanne Becnel - Lady Joanna Preston, the heroine, has been in a convent for five years.
  • The Shattered Rose (1996) by Jo Beverley - Jehanne, the heroine, is a deeply religious Catholic.
  • The Champion (1997) by Elizabeth Chadwick - Alexander, the hero, is a novice monk who runs away from his monastery.
  • The Falcons of Montabard (2003) by Elizabeth Chadwick - Annais, the heroine, is convent raised.
  • The Marriage Bed (2001) by Claudia Dain - Richard, the hero, is a novice monk who unwillingly leaves the monastery to marry.
  • For My Lady's Heart (1993) by Laura Kinsale - Ruck, the hero, to please his pious wife, takes a vow of celibacy and attempts to join the church.
  • Uncommon Vows (1991) by Mary Jo Putney - Adrian de Lancey, the hero, is a would-be monk, and Meriel de Vere, the heroine, is a novice nun.
  • My Beloved (1999) by Karen Ranney - Lady Juliana, the heroine, has lived most of her life in a convent.
  • The Serpent Garden (1996) by Judith Merkle Riley - Susanna Dallet, the heroine, has an angel protector who fends off demons.
  • A Vision of Light (1990) by Judith Merkle Riley - Gilbert de Vilers, the hero, is an unfrocked brother and Margaret Kendell receives visions from God.
  • Heaven's Fire (1996) by Patricia Ryan - Rainulf Fairfax, the hero, is a celibate priest and scholar.
  • Bed of Spices (1993) by Barbara Samuel - Rica der Esslingen, the heroine, is a Catholic, and her lover, Solomon ben Jacob is a Jew.
  • Green Darkness (1972) by Anya Seton - Richard, the hero, was in a previous life a monk obsessed with a beautiful girl.
  • Danegeld (2001) by Susan Squires - Britta, the heroine, is a the daughter of a pagan woman and a Christian priest and has beliefs from both religions.
  • Danelaw (2003) by Susan Squires - Valgar the Beast, the hero, is a Viking baptized into the Christian faith.
  • To the Castle (2005) by Joan Wolf - Nell, the heroine, was raised in a convent and expected to take vows untill her family requires otherwise of her.

Regency Romances

  • Mansfield Park (1814) by Jane Austen - Edmund Bertram, the hero, is about to take holy orders and is intrigued by a worldly woman who urges him not to do so.
  • A Gift of Daisies (1989) by Mary Balogh - David Gower, the hero, is a minister.
  • Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand (1994) by Carla Kelly - Roxanna Drew, the heroine, is the widow of a vicar.

European Historical Romances

  • The Scottish Bride (2001) by Catherine Coulter - Tysen Sherbrooke, the hero, is a vicar.
  • To Love and To Cherish (1995) by Patricia Gaffney - Christian Morrell, the hero, is a minister.
  • No Brighter Dream (1994) by Katherine Kingsley
  • No Greater Love (1992) by Katherine Kingsley
  • No Sweeter Heaven (1993) by Katherine Kingsley
  • Flowers from the Storm (1992) by Laura Kinsale - Maddy Timms, the heroine, is a devout Quaker.
  • The Thorn Birds (1977) by Colleen McCullough - Father Ralph de Bricassart is a priest who falls in love with a young woman. (set in Australia)
  • Thunder and Roses (1993) by Mary Jo Putney - Clare Morgan, the heroine, is the daughter of a non-Establishment minister and must come to terms with her father and her faith.
  • You Only Love Twice (1998) by Elizabeth Thornton - Jessica Hayward, the heroine, spent three years in a convent orphanage.

American Historical/Frontier Romances

  • Cherish (1998) by Catherine Anderson - Rebecca Ann Morgan, the heroine, is a Quaker and suffers a crisis of faith due to a personal tragedy.
  • Thee I Love (1999) by Annette Blair - Rachel Zook, the heroine, is an Amish schoolteacher, and Jacob Sauder, the hero, has returned to his Amish community.
  • Elusive Lovers (1996) by Elizabeth Chadwick - Kristin Traube, the heroine, was educated in a convent.
  • Rachel LeMoyne (1998) by Eileen Charbonneau - Rachel LeMoyne, the heroine, is a Choctaw Indian raised by Christian missionaries.
  • The Randolph Legacy (1997) by Eileen Charbonneau - Judith Mercer, the heroine, is a Quaker and the daughter of a missionary.
  • Redeeming Love (1991) by Francine Rivers - This book is loosely based on the biblical story of the prophet Hosea.
  • His Stolen Bride (2000) by Judith Stanton - Nicholas Blum, the hero, is a member of the Moravian community of Salem, NC.
  • Wild Indigo (1998) by Judith Stanton - Jacob Blum, the hero, is an Elder in the Moravian community of Salem, NC.
  • Saint or Sinner (1995) by Cheryl St. John - HH-288
  • The Outsider (1996) by Penelope Williamson - Rachel Yoder, the heroine, is an Amish woman who falls for an injured man she takes in.
  • Sweet Charity (1997) by Rachel Wilson - Jake Molloy, the hero, is a minister.

Contemporary Romances

  • Homecoming (9/2000) by Laura Abbot - HSR-937 - Lynn Kendall, the heroine, is a minister.
  • Comfort and Joy (12/1987) by Judith Arnold - HAR-225- Jesse Lawson, the hero, is against religion and Christmas and Robin Greer loves both.
  • This Side of Heaven (3/1985) by Beverly Barton - SIM-453 - Cyn Porter, the heroine, is the widow of a minister.
  • Babe in the Woods (6/1998) by Pamela Bauer - HSR-792 - Brendan Miller, the hero, is discerning the priesthood.
  • Something Wild (2002) by Patti Berg - Mike Flynn, the hero, is a pastor.
  • When Morning Comes (1/1984) by Laurey Bright - SSE-143 - Claire Wyndham, the heroine, is planning to be a nun.
  • Tempest in Eden (12/1983) by Sandra Brown - SC-164 - Ian Douglas, the hero, is a minister.
  • Tempted (1987) by Robyn Carr - Joe Clark, the hero, is a minister, and Beverly Simpson, the heroine, is having a crisis of faith.
  • Reflection (1996) by Diane Chamberlain - Michael Stoltz, the hero, is a Mennonite minister.
  • Sunshine and Shadow (1986) by Sharon and Tom Curtis - Susan Peachey, the heroine, is an Amish woman who fall in love outside her family and is shunned.
  • For the Love of God (12/1981) by Janet Dailey - SR-118 - Seth Talbot, the hero, is a minister.
  • The Monk Downstairs (2002) by Tim Farrington - Michael Christopher, the hero, is a monk who's left his vocation due to a loss of faith.
  • Sensuous Angel (8/1985) by Heather Graham - CER-359 - Luke Trudeau, the hero, is an Episcopalian priest and Donna Miro is a Roman Catholic.
  • Catch of the Day (2007) by Kristan Higgins - Maggie Beaumont, the heroine, is in love with a Catholic priest.
  • The Miracle (5/1991) by Muriel Jensen - HAR-392 - Bernie Emerson, the heroine, is a former nun.
  • A Book of Ruth (1974) by Syrell Rogovin Leahy- Jim Kendell, the hero, is a Catholic priest considering leaving his vocation, and Ruth Gold, the heroine, is Jewish.
  • Changing Habits (2003) by Debbie Macomber - Angie, Kathleen, and Joanna have all left the convent for different reasons.
  • Lone Star Baby (1998) by Debbie Macomber - Wade McMillan, the hero, is a minister.
  • In the Light of Love (200) by Deborah Fletcher Mello - KIM-31 - Talisa London and Dr. Jericho Becton are religious in their daily lives, and Talisa works with college students at a Methodist campus ministry office.
  • Heavens to Betsy (2005) by Beth Patillo - David Swenson and Betsy Blessing are both ministers.
  • Dream a Little Dream (1998) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Rachel Stone, the heroine, is the widow of a corrupt tele-evangelist, and secondary character Ethan is a minister.
  • Nothing Sacred (3/04) by Tara Taylor Quinn - HSR-1189- David Cole Marks, the hero, is a minister.
  • Crime of the Heart (11/1988) by Cheryl Reavis - SSE-487 - Adam Sauder, the hero, is an Amish man.
  • Dragonslayer (8/1993) by Emilie Richards - SIM-511 - Thomas Slonehill, the hero, is a minister who has lost his faith.
  • Whiskey Island (2000) by Emilie Richards - Niccolo Andreani, the hero, is an ex-priest.
  • Unanswered Prayers (11/1994) by Penny Richards - CC-21 - Howard Blake, the hero, is a minister.
  • Girls Forever Brave and True (1986) by Caryl Rivers - Sean McCaffrey, the hero, is a priest.
  • Cradle and All (3/2003) by M.J. Rodgers - COOP-8 - Tom Christen, the hero, is a minister.
  • Then Came Heaven (1997) by LaVyrle Spencer - Sister Regina, the heroine, is a nun who is doubting her vocation.
  • Rev. Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series (2002 - ) by Julia Spencer-Fleming - Rev. Clare Fergusson is an Episcopal priest.
  • The Soldier and the Baby (3/1995) by Anne Stuart - HAR-573 - Carlie Forrest, the heroine, is a novice.
  • The Gold of Noon (6/1975) by Essie Summers - HR-1884- Murdoch Gunn, the hero, is a minister.
  • Sweet are the Ways (5/1966) by Essie Summers - HR-1015- Dougal MacNab, the hero, is a minister.
  • Fortune's Fool (7/1988) by Angela Wells - HR-2921- Maria Bernardi, the heroine, was raised in a convent.
  • Michael's Temptation (12/2001) by Eileen Wilks - SD-1409- Alyssa Kelleher, the heroine, is a minister.

Alternate Reality

  • The Veiled Web (1999) by Catherine Asaro - Lucia de Mar, the heroine, is Catholic, and Rashid al-Jaziri is Muslim.
  • Dawn's Awakening (2008) by Lora Leigh - In this highly erotic romance, Dawn, the heroine, struggles with faith issues
  • Archangel Protocol (2001) by Lyda Morehouse - Michael Angelucci, the hero, is an archangel.
  • Archangel (1996) by Sharon Shinn - Archangel Gabriel, the hero, is Jovah's appointed leader.
  • The Golden Horn (1985) by Judith Tarr - Alfred of St. Ruan's Abbey, the hero, is a monk and remains deeply religious even after his marriage.
  • The Hounds of God (1986) by Judith Tarr - Alfred of St. Ruan's Abbey, the hero, is a monk and remains deeply religious even after his marriage.
  • The Isle of Glass (1986) by Judith Tarr - Alfred of St. Ruan's Abbey, the hero, is a monk and remains deeply religious even after his marriage.

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