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Romances on Sale in December

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  • An Amish Kitchen (trade paperback--TN) by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, and Kelly Long order from
  • Castonbury Park: Scandalous Whispers: The Wicked Lord Mantague/The Housemaid's Scandalous Secret (trade paperback--HAR) by Carole Mortimer and Helen Dickson order from
  • Heartbreak Ranch: Amy's Story/Josie's Story/Harmony's Story/Arabella's Story (HAR) by Chelley Kitzmiller, Jill Marie Landis, Dorsey Kelley, and Fern Michaels order from
  • Here and Then: Here and Then/Dalton's Undoing (HAR) by Linda Lael Miller and RaeAnne Thayne order from
  • Contemporary/Contemporary Romantic Suspense






    Bessie Makris prepares these lists for AAR. As with all of our volunteer staff, here's a bit about her, in her own words:

    My two greatest interests (some would say obsessions) are books of all kinds and movies. I satisfy one by working as a Librarian (in Fort Wayne, Indiana), haunting bookstores, and constantly reading and theother by volunteering with a local cinema group. My interest in the romance genre is long standing - I discovered Georgette Heyer in April, 1972 and series romances during the summer of 1985. Before Heyer, I read a lot of historical novels but was never quite sure what I was looking for. After Heyer, I knew it was humor and romance combined with interesting characters in a historically accurate setting and I have been trying to recapture that reading experience ever since. I also read Mysteries, a little Science Fiction and graphic novels. I collect pop-up books and morters and pestles.

    I'd love to hear from you, so feel free to email me

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