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June 20, 2005: First Things First

I got my cover!

And I love it! The heroine looks much as I’d pictured her, the hero looks pretty close. Of course, there isn’t a scene in the book where they stroll down the street and she’s got a basket of tulips on her arm, but that’s a minor quibble. My husband said it looks like the morning after scene. I have to agree; they both look pretty pleased with themselves, don’t you think? (Yes, this traditional Regency has a consummation scene, so be prepared.) I’ve had the cover for almost a month now, I only look at it about five times a day as opposed to when I first got it when - well, let’s just say I looked at the cover about as many times as I looked at my son when he was first born (but the cover wakes me up in the night a lot less).

The blurb from the back cover (which I wrote):

For Love Or Money

During the Season, debutantes rush to London to find a man who’ll fill their hearts with love--or their bankbooks with money. The Honorable Titania Stanhope is of the latter category. She simply has no choice--for her father has bequeathed his entire fortune to his mistress. Armed with velvet, dancing slippers, and a firm resolve, Titania heads to do battle in the ballroom in order to vanquish - and marry - a gentleman who can afford to keep her family from ruin.

Edwin Worthington, Earl of Oakley, wants nothing to do with money-grubbing young ladies. He wears scuffed boots and old jackets, allowing Society to regard him as the penniless black sheep of a wealthy family. But in reality he has a fortune - and no plan to marry - until he meets Titania, a woman whose sharp wit and keen mind are rivaled only by her lovely face. Can Edwin let go of his pride in order to follow his heart?

I was going gangbusters on my current writing project, the Mommy Lit, until my best friend came to visit, my son had a bunch of half days, and it became very important to make frequent visits to the American Museum of Natural History. But I’m back in the writing saddle as of today, and I still have dreams of finishing the first draft by the end of June. Okay, scratch that, but mid-July at least. I’ve written over 60,000 words and the final version will probably be at about 85,000.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting into the blogging groove, like every other author worth her internet connection, and that’s been a blast. My website has been getting fairly consistent hits, and I am hopeful some of those visitors a) are not related to me b) not my friends and c) might buy my book in October.

In bad news for the traditional Regency department, Kensington has just announced it is discontinuing its traditional Regency line. Signet has not contracted any beyond 2005, although they have not made any official announcement. This news breaks my heart, because I love the genre, but of course the publishing companies have to publish what is most profitable. It would be hypocritical of me to decry the news because I’ve switched genres precisely because traditional Regencies do not, by any stretch of the imagination, constitute a viable publishing career, which is what I hope to have.

And now that the cover is here, my work with A Singular Lady is pretty much finished. I’ll be making bookmarks in time to distribute during RWA’s National Convention in Reno in July, and I’ll be attending the New Jersey Conference in October, just four days after my book’s official release, but everything else is out of my hands. I’m also done as President of the Beau Monde, the Regency Chapter of RWA, as of the end of this month also. Just in time for summer vacation, so if you visit the Museum of Natural History, keep an eye out for the frazzled, glasses-wearing mom muttering about word count and the heroine’s conflict while chasing her six year-old around the African Mammals section.

Thanks for reading,

-- Megan

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