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The Immortal Heights is the final book in Sherry Thomasí YA fantasy Elemental Trilogy, and brings to a very satisfying conclusion the story of Prince Titus of the House of Elberon and Iolanthe Seabourne begun in The Burning Sky and continued in The Perilous Sea. I donít normally read Young Adult fiction, but Iím a huge fan of the authorís, so her name on the cover was enough to get me reading. And once I started, I was completely hooked, because the whole trilogy is utterly compelling and I can say without hesitation that this series surely represents a pinnacle of achievement in the genre. Itís Sherry Thomas Ė so it goes without saying that the writing is superb Ė but she has also crafted a terrific adventure story which incorporates one of the most deeply felt and beautiful romances Iíve ever read.


I am desperately in love with Sherrilyn Kenyonís The League series. There, I said it. When I saw that her newest was on our list of possible review books, I literally sat up straighter in my chair and made a little noise. I will never admit it was a squee. Never. But, getting back to the point, I love Kenyonís dark and incredibly damaged heroes, her equally damaged heroines, and the inevitability of a happy ending for the both. Guilty pleasure? Maybe. Do I feel guilty at all for reading it? Nope.


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