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Only Beloved is the seventh and final book in Mary Baloghís Survivorís Club series about a group of people Ė six men and one woman Ė who sustained injuries and trauma, both physical and mental, as a result of the Napoleonic Wars. Iíve enjoyed all the books and think itís been one of the strongest and most consistent series around in the historical sub-genre in the last few years. Ms Balogh has created a cast of memorable and engaging characters in the Survivors and their partners, and has not sugar-coated their various ordeals or glossed over the difficulties they have experienced during their recoveries.


Womenís Fiction is all about the heroineís journey. Whether she is a mature woman facing a major life change or a young woman just starting out, the focus of the book is always growth, growth, growth. Fading Starlight lacked the depth that I feel belongs in such a character building story, although the tales of old Hollywood glamour and the discussions of Laurenís job in fashion were intriguing enough to hold my attention. It was like a cupcake thatís almost all icing and no cake: super sweet but far from satisfying.


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