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I love a well-executed cop romance and Seconds to Live is one of the best I have read in a while. This third book in the authorís Scarlet Falls series deals with the final sibling in the Barrett family (youngest brother Mac), and his interest in local police officer turned detective Stella Dane.


Iím not a great reader of paranormals, but all the buzz and good reviews Iíd seen for Firelight the first book in Kristen Callihanís Darkest London series tempted me to read it; and once I did, I was totally hooked and have eagerly devoured all the subsequent instalments. Forevermore is the seventh and final chapter of the series; and because it pulls together a number of the seeds sown in the earlier novels and features several recurring characters, itís not a book that will stand well on its own. That said, fans of the series are sure to enjoy it, as it contains all the elements which have made all the other titles such compelling reads; great characters, steamy love scenes, complex stories, lots of action and plenty of angst.


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