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This book is the third in Meredith Duranís Rules for the Reckless series and it is the best of the lot so far. I love the unusual time setting for this series and the somewhat unconventional heroes and heroines. If you have been following Ms. Duranís series, you will not want to miss this latest installment. That said, the book works well as a standalone.


This is the first book in a quartet of books about The Scandalous Arrandales, a family whose name has become a byword for dissipation, profligacy and excess throughout society. Itís basically a rake-meets-prim-guardian story, but itís a very good one Ė well-written and strongly characterised with a central romance that develops at a credible pace. The hero of The Chaperonís Seduction is Richard Arrandale, a young man who has forged himself a reputation as a rake of the first order. His older brother, Wolfgang, fled England a decade ago accused of the murder of his wife, and their father never cared very much for either of them, intent on pursing his own dissipated existence, and leaving them to more or less bring themselves up.


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