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There seems to be a bit of a vogue in historicals at the moment for stories which involve anatomists and/or resurrectionists in some way, as this is the third Iíve read in recent months which features characters who are somehow connected to one of those ďprofessionsĒ. Thatís not to say the books themselves have used the same plotlines, because they havenít Ė I just thought it was an interesting little trend. In A Matter of Grave Concern, Brenda Novak has taken the unusual step of having her heroine actually join a gang of grave-robbers, which is certainly something I havenít come across before!


Her Last Whisper is the third book in Karen Robards' popular Dr. Charlotte Stone series. Readers are told to expect a blend of romance, suspense, and the paranormal. What they aren't told is just how laughable a combination this can create.


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