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It is always fun when an author treats her fans to something extra; a character interview, a deleted scene or even an extended epilogue available only on their website. These small tidbits make the reading experience that much more enjoyable as we get more information about people and places we loved so well. Thea Harrison has taken this idea of something extra and expanded it into full slices of life for her leading characters Dragos and Pia Cuelebre. In Dragos Goes to Washington readers get another chance to see how the first family of the Wyr are juggling the demands of their people against the stresses of everyday life.


Texas Destiny received an A at AAR a while back and was selected for the NPR Top 100 Romances list, which I'm reading my way through. I had high hopes for it, but ultimately, it let me down. The hero wallowed in bitter self-loathing, and the heroine’s mix of genteel martyrdom and ability to save the hero by her innocent goodness felt very dated.


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