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In a rural Latin American village called Sabana, Trinidad Torralvo and her sister Ines grew up alongside a young man named Victor, who is kidnapped by guerrillas. Fast forward a few years through Inesís love story (just a few pages at the hectic pace of this book), and Inesís daughter Clara is born and grows up. Blind, Clara also possesses a preternatural sense of smell which enables her to concoct miraculous healing potions. When the guerrillas (including the now-grown Victor) shoot and wound Mauricio Jaramillo, a regional governor and valuable hostage, they bring him to Sabana and demand that Clara keep him alive. Influenced by magic realism and Latin American fiction, The Sense of Darkness is flawed but interesting.


You know what I love? I love romances, especially historicals, where the woman owns her sexuality and desires. I love romances where not being a virgin or inexperienced is not a bad thing. I love the utter lack of shaming for having desire. What makes Meet the Earl at Midnight so fascinating is that not only is our heroine in possession of desire, she is also a commoner and an artist, all to fill in the trappings of a fairy tale. (I also happen to love retold fairy tales.)


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