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Articles about the History of Great Britain
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Elsewhere in Europe
Elsewhere in the World
Mysticism & Mythology
Romantic Couples in History
English Writing & Culture
The Other Side of the Ocean
On History Itself
Castle of the Month - Features castles and, upon occasion, other historic buildings, updated monthly

LLB's 2001 Trip Diary to England and Wales (Considerable load time without a fast connection)

Going Abroad for Pemberley (Myretta Robens and Cheryl Sneed's 2002 visit to England - considerable load time without a fast connection)

Lee's European Vacation - 2008

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The Historical Cheat Sheet was created in 1997 to take advantage of the fount of knowledge available on the Internet of historians and historical romance authors. Many fans of historical romance are already history fanatics while others of us have learned more about history from reading history romance than we ever did in school. There is a need to provide additional information to help both history novices and those who are already quite knowledgeable. This is very much a work in progress, and any lover of history is welcome to submit an article.

Articles about the History of Great Britain:

Fifth & Sixth Century Britain: Arthur & The Dark Ages by Tracy Cooper-Posey (Write Byte)
Medieval Times by Shana Abe, Jo Beverley, Denee Cody, Claire Delacroix, Teresa Eckford, Jean Mason, NOVA, and Ellen Micheletti
Tudor Times by Jean Mason
The Stuart Era by Jean Mason
The Puritans by Jennifer Keirans
The Restoration by Jaclyn Reding (Write Byte)
The Georgian Age by TJ and Jo Beverley
The Regency and Post-Regency Era by Melinda McRae, Mary Jo Putney, Diane Farr, Jean Mason, and Ellen Micheletti
The Age of Reform by Jean Mason
Presentation at Court by Ellen Micheletti
The Victorian Era by Ilana Miller
The Life & Issue of Queen Victoria by Ilana Miller
The Victorian House Party by Ellen Micheletti
Mourning by Ellen Micheletti
The Edwardian Era by Ellen Micheletti
The Motorcar Era by Camilla Bartley
Talk About Titles: Lords & Ladies, Dukes & Earls by Jo Beverley this is a "jump" link to an article at Jo's site that will open a new window in your browser
Gambling in Historic England by Ellen Micheletti
Getting Around: Carriages in Regency and Victorian Times by Ellen Micheletti
Crowns, Pounds and Guineas: A Quick Guide To British Currency by Ellen Micheletti
Nannies & Governesses by Ellen Micheletti
The Servants by Ellen Micheletti
Articles about Scottish History by Charlene & Anthony McGowan, Susan Page, Billy Roberson, Teresa Eckford, and author Rebecca Sinclair

Elsewhere in Europe:

The Vikings by Katarina Wikholm
A Vikings Marriage - No Light-Hearted Affair! by Diana Cosby
Introduction to Europe in the 16th & 17th Centuries by Jean Mason
Articles about French History by Lori-Anne Cohen, TJ, Ilana Miller, Helen Clulow, Kathleen O'Reilly, and Nora Armstrong
Beautiful & Mad? Elisabeth, Empress of Austria & Queen of Hungary by Claudia Terrones
Nicholas & Alexandra by Ellen Micheletti

Elsewhere in the World:

The Harem by Ellen Micheletti
Historical Fiction, the Ottoman Empire, and More (A Quickie) with Ann Chamberlin

Mysticism & Mythology:

Myths & Mysticism by Rosalind Bush (includes discussion of myths in history and a look at the selkie myth)
Faerie v Fairy by authors Mary Jo Putney and Karen Harbaugh (Write Byte)
The Tuatha De Danaan by Greywolf the Wanderer
The Druids by Greywolf the Wanderer

English Writing & Culture:

"Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know" - the Original Byronic Hero by Ellen Micheletti
Tiger Skins, Sheiks, & Passionate Kisses by Ellen Micheletti
Popular Fiction in the 19th Century by Ellen Micheletti
Charles Frederick Worth - The Father of Haute Couture by Ellen Micheletti

The Other Side of the Ocean:

Quilting: Woman's Work - Woman's Joy by Marianne Stillings (Write Byte)
The Free Black Men and Women of New Orleans & the Placage System by Ellen Micheletti
Money for Titles: The American Dollar Princesses by Ellen Micheletti
Victorian New York by Linda Francis Lee (Write Byte)
The Gilded Age by Ellen Micheletti
Newport During the Gilded Age by Ellen Micheletti

History Itself:

Historical Research Sources by Teresa Eckford
King Stephen and Queen Matilda Bibliography by Teresa Eckford
Richard III Bibliography by Teresa Eckford
King Richard II and Queen Anne Bibliography by Teresa Eckford
On Historical Accuracy by Cynthia Sterling (Quickie)
Ask an Historian

The Cheat Sheet is edited by Ellen Micheletti, who is also an AAR Editor/Reviewer. In addition to writing wonderful reviews, this university librarian is also a lover of history and is a terrific source and resource of knowledge. She looks forward to working with those of you who would like to contribute to the Cheat Sheet. The only limitations to this feature are your own - if you have an article to add of interest to historical romance readers, please contact Ellen.

Authors of each article are considered the "owner" of his/her article for copyright purposes. We would ask that if any author reprints his/her article, or has it reprinted in another publication (either online or print), that All About Romance and the All About Romance Historical Cheat Sheet (with url listed) be given credit.

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