Glom & Glomming Links at All About Romance

Glomming defined in this 1996 issue of LN&V

Further glomming discussion in this 1996 issue of LN&V

Glomming and GWHR - Glomming without Having Read in this 1997 issue and "sidebar" of LN&V

Glom reading versus glom buying in this 1997 issue of LN&V

All the Gloms that Are Fit to Print in this 1999 issue of LN&V

Glomming as a Reader Idiosyncracy in this 2003 issue of ATBF

Glomming Revisited (as a Reader Idiosyncracy) in this 2003 issue of ATBF

Glomming, Connected Books, and GWHR in this 2005 issue of ATBF

Anatomy of a Glom in this 2006 issue of ATBF and Glomming 2006, an adjunct page for the ATBF column based on email and message board comments

The Side Effects of Glomming, a 2006 ATBF

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