Friends in Romance

While we read romances for the love stories, we often encounter wonderful friendships, between the hero and heroine, between the heroine and other men or women, and/or between the hero and other men or women.

(List begun 12/96, updated 09/09)

Some authors attempt to show friendship between the hero and heroine which grows into love. Some of these authors are successful; some are not. Other authors show friendship growing out of the lust that is the basis for a loving relationship. Either way, we don't care - we enjoy reading about people who enjoy each other's company.

The books that fall into this sub-category are those where the conflict to be resolved is outside of the hero and heroine's relationship. It is what brings them together. These books are not of the "I hate you, now let's go to bed" variety.

We also enjoy reading about friendships of our heroes and heroines with others. Whether it is the commaraderie that grew out of war-time experiences or which exemplify true brotherly-love, we enjoy the good times friends have with one another. We also enjoy how friends can help each other through the bad times, and how a man who has found what true love can bring to his life can help another man realize what he is missing.

One of our favorite types of friendships, however, is that between women. So often in a romance there will be the heroine as one of two female focuses; the other will be the bitch or villainess. Which furthers the stereotype of women as cat-fighters. So when a book shows a strong female friendship, as well as a great love story, We think it's time to celebrate.

One last type of friendship here - that platonic sort between men and women. We think it really does exist, and so do a some talented authors. We hope you do too.

Love & Friendship between Hero & Heroine
Same Sex Friendships
Platonic Friendships


Love & Friendship between Hero and Heroine

  • When a Man Loves a Woman (2000) by Alina Adams - Contemporary
    Dr. James Elliot and Dr. Deborah Brody

  • The Marriage Wager (1996) by Jane Ashford - European Historical
    Lord Colin Wareham and Lady Emma Tarrant

  • Friendly Persuasion (7/2003) by Dawn Atkins - HBZ-93
    Kara Collier and Ross Gabriel

  • Lord Carew's Bride (1995) by Mary Balogh - Regency
    Hartley Wade, Marquess of Carew and Samantha Newman

  • Rather series (2005 - ) by C.A. Belmond - Contemporary
    Penny Nichols and Jeremy Laidley

  • The Accidental Duchess (2004) by Jessica Benson - European Historical
    Gwen and Harry, Earl of Cambourne

  • Indecent Suggestion (7/2005) by Elizabeth Bevarly - HBZ-189
    Becca Mercer and Turner McCloud

  • Playing by the Rules (3/2003) by Beverly Bird - SSE-1529
    Mandy Hillman and Sam Case

  • Body Language (6/1998) by Suzanne Brockmann - LS-889
    Clint McCade and Sandy Kirk

  • Forever Blue (10/1996) by Suzanne Brockmann - SIM-742
    Lucy Tait and Blue McCoy

  • As You Desire (1997) by Connie Brockway - Historical
    Desdemona "Dizzy" Carlisle and Harry Braxton

  • A Whole New Light (12/1989) by Sandra Brown - LS-366
    Worth Lansing and Cyn McCall

  • My Lord Stranger (1999) by Eve Byron - European Historical
    Drew Sinclair and Lady Harriet, Countess Saxon

  • Pants on Fire (2007) by Meg Cabot - Contemporary
    Katie Ellison and Tommy Sullivan

  • Queen of Babble series (2006 - ) by Meg Cabot - Contemporary
    Lizzie Nichols and Chaz

  • Bride (1995) by Stella Cameron - European Historical
    Struan Rossmara, Viscount Hunsingore, and Lady Justine Girvin

  • Impulse (1997) by Candace Camp - European Historical
    Angela Stanhope and Cam Monroe

  • An Independent Woman (2006) by Candace Camp - European Historical
    Juliana Holcott and Nicholas Barre

  • Virgin River (2007) by Robyn Carr - Contemporary
    Melinda Monroe and Jack Sheridan

  • Lord Sebastian's Wife (2002) by Katy Cooper - Medieval
    Sebastian and Beatrice

  • Anyone But You (9/1996) by Jennifer Crusie - HLL-4
    Alex Moore and Nina Askew

  • Charlie All Night (1/1996) by Jennifer Crusie - HT-570
    Charlie Tenniel and Allie McGuffey

  • Crazy for You (1999) by Jennifer Crusie - Contemporary
    Nick Ziegler and Quinn McKenzie

  • Goddess of the Hunt (2009) by Tessa Dare - European Historical
    Jeremy Trescott, Earl of Kendall, and Lucy Waltham

  • Tatya's Story (1984) by Dinah Dean - European Historical
    Tatya Kalinskaya and Vassily Karachev

  • The Seduction of Sydney (9/1999) by Jamie Denton - HT-748
    Sydney Travers and Derek Buchanan

  • England's Perfect Hero (2004) by Suzanne Enoch - European Historical
    Lucinda Barrett and Robert Carroway

  • Sin and Sensibility (2005) by Suzanne Enoch - European Historical
    Lady Eleanor and Valentine Corbett, Marquis of Deverill

  • Falling for Chloe (2000) by Diane Farr - Regency
    Chloe Littlefield and Sylvester "Gil" Gilliland

  • Outlander (1991-) series by Diana Gabaldon - Time Travel/Historical Fiction
    Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall Fraser

  • Now and Forever in Secrets of a Perfect Night (2000) by Rachel Gibson - Contemporary
    Brina McConnell and Thomas Mack

  • Bad Boy (2001) by Olivia Goldsmith - Fiction
    Tracie Higgins and Jonathan Delano

  • Kiss Your Prince Charming (10/1999) by Jennifer Greene - SD-1245
    Rachel Martin and Greg Stoner

  • What Are Friends For? (8/1994) by Naomi Horton - SD-873
    Andie Spencer and Connor Devlin

  • Coup de Grace (1996) by Emma Jensen - Regency
    Lady Grace Granville and Rafael Marlowe

  • The Golden Barbarian (1992) by Iris Johansen - Historical
    Galen Ben Rashid and Tess Rubinoff

  • Four Men & a Lady (1999) by Alison Kent - HT-750
    Heidi Malone and Ben Tannen

  • Again the Magic (2004) by Lisa Kleypas - European Historical
    Aline and McKenna

  • The Last Man in Town (1999) by Susan Kay Law - American Historical
    Lucas Garrett and Priscilla Wentworth

  • Barely Decent (11/2002) by Jennifer LeBrecque - HT-904
    Phoebe Matthews and Ryan Palmer

  • The Boy Next Door (2002) by Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees - Contemporary
    Mickey Maloney and Fred Roper

  • Secret Games (2/2002) by Jeanie London - HBZ-28
    Maggie James and Sam Masters

  • The Runaway Duke (2004) by Julie Anne Long - European Historical
    Roarke "Connor" Blackburn and Rebecca Tremaine

  • Anything for You (9/2006) by Sarah Mayberry - HBZ-278
    Delaney Michaels and Sam Kirk

  • Going All the Way (1/2005) by Tanya Michaels - HT-1008
    Serena Donavan and David Grant

  • Basic Training (3/2006) by Julie Miller - HBZ-238
    Tess Bartlett and Travis McCormick

  • The Kiss (1996) by Sophia Nash - European Historical
    Quinn Fortesque and Georgiana Wilde

  • Heavens to Betsy (2005) by Beth Patillo - Contemporary
    David Swenson and Betsy Blessing

  • Minx (1996) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Henrietta (Henry) Barrett and William Dunford

  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (2002) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington

  • When He Was Wicked (2004) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Michael Stirling and Francesca Bridgerton

  • Silent series (2007 - ) by Deanna Raybourn - European Historical
    Lady Julia Gray and Nicholas Brisbane

  • A Crime of the Heart (11/1988) by Cheryl Reavis - SSE-487
    Adam Sauder and Quinn Tyler

  • Remember the Time (1997) by Annette Reynolds - Contemporary
    Kate Moran Armstrong and Mike Fitzgerald

  • No Regrets (1996) by Mildred Riley - American Historical
    Roy Yates and Maddie Young

  • Rising Tides (1998) by Nora Roberts - Contemporary
    Grace Monroe and Ethan Quinn

  • Tears of the Moon (2000) by Nora Roberts - Contemporary
    Brenna O'Toole and Shawn Gallagher

  • Wild and Wicked (5/2003) by Joanne Rock - HBZ-87
    Kyra Stafford and Jesse Chandler

  • After All These Years (7/1984) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-2
    Tom Winchester, Huck James, and Curry Trent

  • Bed of Roses (1995) by Suzanne Simmons - European Historical
    Miles St. Aldford, Marquess of Cork, and Lady Alyssa Gray

  • A Place to Call Home (1997) by Deborah Smith - Contemporary
    Roan Sullivan and Claire Maloney

  • A Rose at Midnight (1993) by Anne Stuart - European Historical
    Sir Anthony and Lady Ellen

  • Whisper (7/2002) by Nancy Warren - HBZ-47
    Nick Cavallo and Genna Monroe

  • Summer at Willow Lake (2006) by Susan Wiggs - Contemporary
    Olivia Bellamy and Connor Davis

  • Pink Carnation series (2005 - ) by Lauren Willig - European Historical/Contemporary
    Eloise Kelley and Colin Selwick

  • The Cinderella Solution (3/2000) by Cathy Yardley - HD-23
    Charlotte Taylor and Gabe Donofrio

Same Sex Friendships

  • Velvet Bond (8/1995) by Catherine Archer - HH-282 - Medieval Romance
    Raynor and Bronic

  • Bewitching (1993) by Jill Barnett - European Historical/Paranormal
    Alec Castlemaine, Duke of Belmore, Neil Herndon, Viscount Seymour and Richard Lennox, Earl of Downe

  • An Arranged Marriage (1991) , An Unwilling Bride (1992), Christmas Angel (1992), Forbidden (1994) and Dangerous Joy (1995) by Jo Beverley - European Historical
    Company of Rogues: Nicholas, Lucien, Leander, Francis, and Miles

  • One Reckless Summer (2009) by Toni Blake - Contemporary
    Jenny and Sue Anne

  • Devil in My Bed (2009) by Celeste Bradley - European Historical
    Aidan de Quincy and Sir Colin Lambert

  • Calico Palace (1972) by Gwen Bristow - American Historical
    Kendra Logan and Marny Randolph

  • Jubilee Trail (1950) by Gwen Bristow - American Historical
    Garnet Hale and Florinda Grove

  • The Sherbrooke Bride (1992) by Catherine Coulter - European Historical
    Douglas, Earl of Northcliff, and Tony, Lord Rathmore

  • Fast Women (2001) by Jennifer Crusie - Contemporary
    Nell, Suze, and Margie

  • Goddess of the Hunt (2009) by Tessa Dare - European Historical
    Jeremy, Henry, Felix, and Toby

  • Always a Scoundrel (2009) and Before the Scandal (2008) by Suzanne Enoch - European Historical
    Lord Bramwell Johns and Phineas Bromley

  • The Hostage Bride (1998), The Accidental Bride (1998) and The Least Likely Bride (2000) by Jane Feather - European Historical
    Portia, Phoebe, and Olivia

  • Jude's Law (2006) by Lori Foster - Contemporary
    May Price and Ashley Miles

  • Murphy's Law (2006) by Lori Foster - Contemporary
    May Price and Ashley Miles

  • The Lion's Lady (1988), Guardian Angel (1990), The Gift (1991) and Castles (1993) by Julie Garwood - European Historical
    Lion, Colin, and Caine

  • The Secret (1992) by Julie Garwood - Medieval
    Lady Judith and Frances Catherine

  • Sex, Lies, and Online Dating (2006) by Rachel Gibson - Contemporary
    Lucy, Claire, Maddie, and Adele

  • Compass Club series (2002 - ) by Jo Goodman - European Historical
    Evan Marchman, Gabriel Whitney, Matthew Forrester, and Brendan Hampton

  • Hiding in the Shadows (2000) by Kay Hooper - Contemporary
    Faith Parker and Dinah Leighton

  • Crazy Cool (2005) , Crazy Hot (2005), Crazy Sweet (2006), Crazy Wild (2006), and Loose and Easy by Tara Janzen - Contemporary
    Johnny Ramos, Christian Hawkins, Creed Rivera, Travis James, and Quinn Younger

  • Secrets of a Summer Night (2004) , It Happened One Autumn (2005), The Devil in Winter (2006), and Scandal in Spring (2006) by Lisa Kleypas - European Historical
    Annabelle, Lillian, Evie, and Daisy

  • Behind Closed Doors (1991) by Betina Krahn - European Historical
    Corrie Huntington and Anne Bosworth

  • Highland Barbarian - HH-41 - (3/1990), Highland Heather - HH-65 - (2/1991), and Highland Fire - HH-91 - (9/1991) by Ruth Ryan Langan - European Historical
    Brenna, Morgan, and Meredith

  • Savage Thunder (1989) and Angel (1992) by Johanna Lindsey - American Historical
    Colt Thunder and Angel

  • A Kingdom of Dreams (1989) by Judith McNaught - Medieval
    Stefan and Royce

  • Paradise (1991) by Judith McNaught - Contemporary
    Meredith Bancroft and Lisa Pontinil

  • Paradise (1991) and Perfect (1993) by Judith McNaught - Contemporary
    Matt Farrell and Zachary Benedict

  • A Basket of Wishes (1995) by Rebecca Paisley - European Historical
    Lord Emil and Jourdain Amberville, Duke of Heathcourte

  • Heaven on Earth (2002) by Marilyn Pappano - Contemporary
    Lynda Barone and Melina Dimitris

  • Thunder and Roses (1993), Petals in the Storm (1993), Dancing on the Wind (1994), Angel Rogue (1995), Shattered Rainbows (1996), River of Fire (1996), One Perfect Rose (1997) and The Rake (1998) by Mary Jo Putney - European Historical
    The Fallen Angels: Rafe, Michael, Lucien, Robin, Kenneth, Stephen, Reggie and Nicholas

  • Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (2002) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington

  • Splendid (1995), Dancing at Midnight, (1995), and Minx (1996) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Alec, the Duke of Ashbourne, Lord John, and Lord Dunford

  • Remember the Time (1997) by Annette Reynolds - Contemporary
    Paul Armstrong and Mike Fitzgerald

  • Daring to Dream (1996), Holding the Dream (1997), and Finding the Dream (1997) by Nora Roberts - Contemporary
    Laura, Kate and Margo

  • Vision in White (2009) by Nora Roberts - Contemporary
    Mackensie "Mac" Elliot, Emmaline Grant, Laurel McBane and Parker Brown

  • In Death series (1995 - current) by J.D. Robb - Futuristic Romantic Suspense
    Eve Dallas and Peabody

  • Till the Stars Fall (1994) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - Contemporary
    Danny French and Quinn Hunter

  • A Rose at Midnight (1993) by Anne Stuart - European Historical
    Ghislaine and Lady Ellen

Platonic Friendships

  • Virgin River series (2007 - ) by Robyn Carr - Contemporary
    Melinda Monroe, Preacher Middleton, Mike Valenzuela, Paige Lassiter Middleton, and Jack Sheridan

  • Charlie All Night (1/1996) by Jennifer Crusie - HT-570
    Allie and Joe

  • Lady Barbara's Dilemma (1993) by Marjorie Farrell - Regency
    Barbara Stanhope and David Trevas

  • Then Came You (1993) and Dreaming of You (1994) by Lisa Kleypas - European Historical
    Lily Lawson and Derek Craven

  • Until You (1994) by Judith McNaught - European Historical
    Sheridan Bromleigh and Nicholas DuVille

  • Whitney My Love (1995) by Judith McNaught - European Historical
    Whitney Westmoreland and Nicholas DuVille

  • Petals in the Storm (1993) by Mary Jo Putney - European Historical
    Margot "Maggie" Ashton and Lord Robert "Robin" Andreville

  • Splendid (1995), Dancing at Midnight, (1995) and Minx (1996) by Julia Quinn - European Historical
    Dunford, Emma, and Belle

  • No Place Like Home (2002) by Barbara Samuel - Contemporary
    Jewel Sabatino and Michael Shaunnessy

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