My Favorite Phantom

Karen Kelley
January 2009, Paranormal Romance
Brava, $14.00, 249 pages, Amazon ASIN 0758225725

Grade: D
Sensuality: Hot

I hate lame-ass story premises. But you know what I hate even more? Lame-ass stories told in 249 pages and priced at $14.00.

Thanks to Jason and Grant, interest in ghost hunting is at all time high. Thanks also to the massive popularity of the Ghost Hunters show, there is a fair degree of knowledge out there right now about ghost hunting equipment and what encounters with the paranormal might be like. In short, we’ve moved w-a-a-a-a-y past Ghost Busters.

Too bad the author hasn’t. This story features slime (AKA ectoplasm and, you know, like totally bull) and a new piece of equipment called a Ghost Zapper that is supposed to…well zap them buggers into the light. Or wherever it is they’re supposed to go.

But what this whole exercise is really about is lots and lots ‘o Brava sex scenes.

See, hot professor Peyton Cache is having a pesky slime problem and an important faculty dinner coming up, so he calls in a professional ghost buster. Only Peyton gets the ghost buster’s daughter, Kaci (how cute), because he’s busy running from a loan shark named Guido.

Daughter is hot. Professor is hot. Ghost is hot for Kaci. And there’s ghostly slime and hopping hormones all over the place.

And, I've got to come back to that outrageous price. $14 big ones for this? Readers should think twice - or maybe even three times - before plunking down that kind of money in this economy.

-- Sandy Coleman

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