Comes the Night

Susan Krinard
2008, Shapeshifter Romance
HQN, $6.99, 459 pages, Amazon ASIN 0373773153
Part of a series

Grade: C-
Sensuality: Warm

Come the Night is the final book of Krinardís new vampire/werewolf trilogy. Though a vampire and werewolf from a previous book show up to say hi, this book is really all about the wolves. It features Gillian Maitland and Ross Kavanaugh, who have been kept apart by the purebred fanaticism of Gillianís family. With an uninspiring romance, an annoying heroine, a dragging plot, and too many pages, it was rather difficult to push myself through this book.

Gillian has been raised by her father, a controlling man with plans to strengthen the werewolf breed. From the time she was little he has drilled into her head the idea that humans are far beneath them, only fit to be their servants, and that any werewolf who has human blood in them is weak and not worthy. So, when Gillian serves a volunteer nurse during the first world war and falls in love with one of her patients, she knows that the relationship will never go anywhere. In fact, her father has already arranged a marriage for her to another purebred wolf. So, after making love with Ross Kavanaugh, Gillian leaves him and returns home. She never tells him that they have a child.

Ross was also in love, so it hurt him terribly when Gillian ditched him. However, he canít help wondering about whatís become of her when a man shows up at his place in New York and tells him that a boy who believes him to be his father might show up. It becomes apparent that this boy, Toby, is indeed his son and that he has run away from his home in England to search out his father. Immediately after Ross finds him, Gillian shows up to take him home. She decides to stay for a couple days so that Ross and Toby can get to know each other, during which time they find out that Ross is a supposed murderer, meet his vampire friend, and are harassed by some American werewolves. They also have sex once again and Gillian boards a ship to go back to another arranged marriage (her first husband died), much as she did in the beginning. But this time Ross follows her when she leaves him.

A Convocation of werewolves is planned to occur at Gillianís home. Her father won the privilege of leading the meeting and within hours of Gillian returning home, guests start arriving. Her brother, Hugh, who played a part in bringing Ross back to England, brings him into the meeting as well, introducing him as an American who is investigating their way of life to determine if it would suit for the packs back home. Gillianís father, however, knows exactly who Ross is from the moment he sees him and since the Convocation is about securing the purebred way of life, Rossís position is precarious. If the other wolves ever realize that he is only part-wolf, he would be in serious trouble. However, in order to save face, Gillianís father keeps his secret and waits to see how things will play out.

The plot seemed rather convoluted; a lot of information was given and there were lots of characters to keep straight. Normally, I like a detailed plot, but all aspects of this one fell flat. The middle of the book dragged terribly and I felt so uninterested that even when the action picked up it didnít entice me. There are also many times when I couldnít find the logic in the decisions that the characters make.

The relationship between Ross and Gillian was completely lackluster. I didnít like Gillian at all in the beginning and by the end, though she does change, I still found her seriously lacking. For the first half of the book she seemed incredibly weak-willed, willing to do anything for a father who never loved her. She sacrifices her happiness, her free will, and at times even her sonís safety because she canít stand up to her father. And it seems that she truly believes in the superiority of purebred werewolves and looks down on Ross for his inability to change. The couple doesnít trust each other at all and often say horrible things to each other that in my mind can never be forgiven. I simply didnít care whether they got together or not.

That pretty much sums up my feelings about this book: I just didnít care. Not about any aspect of the storyline. It wasnít terrible by any means, but it lacked a spark. The author does have a couple DIK-graded books, as well as quite a few others that received positive reviews, so Iím willing to try her work again, but Come the Night just didnít have it.

-- Andi Davis

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