The Wedding Heiress

Pamela Ford
October 2008, Series Romance
Har Sup Rom #1521, $5.50, 244 pages, Amazon ASIN 0373715218

Grade: C+
Sensuality: Subtle

I almost didn't select The Wedding Heiress for review as I was afraid it was going to be another marriage of convenience in order to win an inheritance book. Fortunately, I was wrong, and the book proved to be a generally light, somewhat enjoyable read.

Delaney McBride's wealthy aunt recently died and left a convoluted will. Five people including Delaney - must perform unusual tasks in order for each to inherit $100.000. If even one person fails, Delaney's uncle will get all the money.

The possibility of inheriting should seem like a blessing to Delaney who recently lost her advertising job in Boston, and can't figure out how to pay off her debts. Despite this, she's reluctant to move back to Holiday Bay in Door County, Wisconsin to fulfill the requirements of the will since her former crush, Mike Connery, is also one of the heirs.

Delaney spent much of her childhood tagging along after Mike and his friends. As a chubby girl with orange hair, the boys teased and even tormented her and Delaney isn't sure if she's ready to see Mike and his friends. She's also reluctant to perform her task produce weddings previously booked by her aunt's wedding planning business. Delaney saw her mother fail at love repeatedly and she no longer believes in HEAs, making her task of producing weddings particularly distasteful.

Mike, is a lawyer and a single-father with an 11-year old daughter who hasn't seen Delaney in years. After sensing her reluctance, he and his friends decide that Mike should "romance" Delaney to get her to complete her tasks. I would have had problems with this idea if Mike and his daughter hadn't quickly developed genuine feelings for Delaney.

I initially had problems with both Delaney and Mike. Even though Delaney is now a gorgeous woman, Mike continues to call her by her childhood nickname of Pumpkin. When Delaney overhears someone attempting to sabotage the potential heirs' efforts and reports it to Mike, he discounts her fears. I also wanted Delaney to stand up for herself sooner and demand that Mike stop calling her Pumpkin. I found myself liking the book more as time went on and rooting for Delaney to succeed in her tasks. I also found myself warming to Mike as he began to help Delaney.

I thought that the actual culprit behind the wedding sabotages got off way too easily. Despite that, I enjoyed the book enough that I will look for others by the author.

-- LinnieGayl Kimmel

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