Game for Seduction

Bella Andre
2008, Erotic Romance
Pocket, $14.00, 262 pages, Amazon ASIN 1416558527

Grade: C
Sensuality: Burning

I usually enjoy a good football or sports romance and, though this one started out strong, by the end I got bored wading through all the sex. Needless to say, I wanted just a little more substance with all that other stuff.

Melissa McKnight is her fatherís daughter who wants to be a sports agent just like her dad. Her problem, however, is that he doesnít take her work seriously nor does he believe women can be sports agents. When he doesnít give her the credit she deserves, she plans to strike out on her own and she knows just the place to do it - a sports bar known only to pro-players and other sports insiders.

Dominic DiMarco, a star receiver for the San Francisco Outlaws and a top client of her dad's agency, has had the hots for his agentís daughter for a long time, but as a professional sheís always been strictly off limits. When he finds her wallowing in her sorrows at a secret sports bar, he knows he must rescue her before sheís taken advantage of and, in the process, keep his hands off her as well. Unfortunately for him, he canít resist and neither can she.

To make up for taking advantage of her (many times), Dominic comes to Melissa's aid by forcing her to take him on as a client at the same moment that her dad gives her a client with the potential to ruin her career as an agent. To avoid looking unprofessional in her dadís eyes and give her career the jump start it needs, Melissa knows she must end the relationship with Dominic and keep her new client, a hotshot young football player, out of trouble. However, Melissa just canít stay away from Dominic, the man sheís dreamt of for years.

While I enjoyed reading some of the steamy stuff early on in the romance, by the halfway point I was bored with the sex and wanted more from the characters and plot. While I liked the heroine, I got tired of her holding back from the hero. I wanted them to confront their problems together instead of working on them alone and I didnít necessarily buy the reconciliation at the end because of the neatness.

I fully admit that Iím a hero-centric reader and this story has a one who works for me. Heís strong and successful and knows when to admit heís wrong and change course as a result. Also, heís protective and slightly possessive Ė something that I still enjoy in romance.

While Game for Seduction wasnít exactly what I was looking for, it wasnít a complete disappointment either. While it was weak in character and plot development, it was certainly strong on the number of love scenes and the locations of those scenes.

-- Heather Brooks

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