Saying Yes to the Millionaire

Fiona Harper
June 2008, Series Romance
Harl Romance #4031, $3.99, 187 pages, Amazon ASIN 0373175213

Grade: B-
Sensuality: Kisses

Saying Yes to the Millionaire is light, slight, and insubstantial as a puff of cloud. It is charming though, and the plot (which concerns a treasure hunt over London) was like candy to an anglophile like me.

Fern Chambers likes her life on an even keel. She doesn’t like excitement, she doesn’t like danger, and she prefers to row her boat in calm waters. Her flatmate Lisette, though, is a risk-taker, but despite their totally opposite views of life, they get along well. One day, Lisette throws out a challenge. If Fern will say yes to everything someone proposes to her (within reason) Lisette will donate 500 pounds to the Leukemia Research fund. Since Fern’s brother Ryan died of leukemia, the fund is her favorite charity and she says yes to Lisette.

It doesn’t take too long before Fern is feeling a few pangs of regret. She rather enjoys taking salsa lessons, but when her “yes” ends up with her agreeing to bungee jump off a giant crane parked next to the Thames, that is another thing entirely. The jump is for charity, and Fern agrees to the jump to raise more money in memory of her beloved brother. At the jump she runs into Josh Adams. Josh and Ryan had been the best of friends and Fern liked him too. Josh is now the millionaire owner of an extreme travel agency and he’s home to be with his father, now recovering from an illness. Josh wants to send his parents on a vacation – a second honeymoon – but they don’t want to take his money. However, if Josh and Fern work together on an upcoming contest, they just might both win.

The contest sends couples all over London to look for clues and treasure. The couple who finish first win money and a travel package. Josh doesn’t need the travel package, but he’d like to give it to his parents and Fern is always keen to win money for leukemia research. She knows London like the back of her hand. So Fern says yes to Josh’s proposition and they form a team.

Most of Saying Yes to the Millionaire consists of Josh and Fern running around London trying to out think and out run their competitors. There are some flashbacks to their childhood and as they work to win the contest, they fall in love. It’s a very simple story.

Josh and Fern are both likable characters who sometimes behave a bit childishly, but when I read a book in Harlequin's Romance line, I don’t look for realism. Both of them have charm galore and I looked on this as a fairy tale - and as a fairy tale it succeeded.

If you want a nice light story for a hot day and would like to take a trip around London, this book will fill your needs nicely. It’s sweet, endearing and pleasant and if it’s a bit unrealistic – well I didn’t mind at all.

-- Ellen Micheletti

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