Drastic Measures

Shiloh Walker
2008, Erotic Romance
Exotika/Ellora's Cave, $4.45, Amazon ASIN 9781419916236

Grade: B-
Sensuality: Burning

The price and ISBN above are valid at Ellora's Cave

Shiloh Walker is among the group of erotic romance authors who have crossed over from e-books to print publication, but unlike many, she continues to also publish in e-form. Drastic Measures is a new contemporary erotic novella (18,000 words) from the Exotika imprint at Ellora's Cave, and it's my favorite of the four short stories I've now read by the author (which run from pretty good to wallbanger).

Pam James runs a successful club. The club was her idea, she runs it day to day, but her fiancÚ Shawn fronted the money for it. She is horrified to learn that, in order to bail out his miscreant brother, Shawn put the club up as collateral against a larger loan from his partner Ethan. Now Ethan's going to call in the loan...unless Pam attends a society function with him. Pam agrees, but not before breaking off her engagement and forcing Shawn to sign a witnessed agreement giving her sole ownership of the club after the "date."

Ethan scares Pam; she can't imagine why on earth he'd basically pay a quarter of a million dollars to go out with a plump, sorta cute woman when he could have any woman he wanted with the snap of his fingers. Well, he wants her, and has secretly yearned for her since they met four years earlier. The generally thoughtful, rational man cannot let Pam marry Shawn, and, after deciding that drastic measures are called for, forces the issue.

Although he's clear up front that he won't force Pam to sleep with him, Ethan hopes to change her mind before their "date" is through. This being erotic romance and all, it frankly doesn't take that long for the two to move from foreplay at the dinner table to sex in Ethan's private elevator on the way up to his penthouse. This being erotic romance and all, it's not just sex...but will Ethan be able to convince Pam of that?

The only real sour note of Drastic Measures sounded when Ethan referred to Pam as "pretty lady" a couple of times. That bit of cornpone had no place in a modern setting, and was particularly out of place in this otherwise sexy and romantic short story.

-- Laurie Likes Books

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