Wild Impulses

Samara King
2008, Erotic Romance
Cobblestone Press, $5.99, Amazon ASIN 9781600882388

Grade: D+
Sensuality: Burning

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This title was previously released with a different publisher but has been revised and edited

Blu Evans is a chemist who creates perfume fragrances for her motherís company, Elan Cosmetics. At a conference in Paris, she meets a man called ĎJí and they heat up the sheets for one night. A month later, back at home, Blu realizes that ĎJí is corporate raider Jaden Graeham. She feels betrayed, assuming he used her sexually to try to buy Elan.

Or something like that. The business aspect to Wild Impulses didnít make much sense to me and because it forms the basis, for much of the novel, of Bluís push-and-pull emotions where Jaden is concerned, plot points that I would otherwise have glossed over annoyed me when they made little practical sense or clashed with other facts within the story.

For example, Blu neatly summarizes her suspicions for both the reader and Jaden when she meets him the first time after their one night stand. She says:

ďYou stole Mirage Industries from Elan Cosmetics. You want my familyís company, donít you? That was your whole purpose for Paris, wasnít it? Screw the daughter of a multi-millionairess and calculate your next move of attack. Youíre a shrewd man, Graeham and Ė your plan Ė bravo [...] you nearly succeeded. But itíll be a cold day in hell before you get your greedy hands on my company.Ē

How is having sex with the daughter of the owner of a company he wants to buy, a shrewd business move? Assuming her mother has the business acumen to create and run a successful company, this didn't make a whole lot of sense.

But enough about business. This is a romance, right? And an erotic one too, so focusing on those two elements, Iíll say that both Jaden and Blu are likable people, but while King spends much of her word count on character introspection, neither their emotional nor sexual relationship ever came to life for me. This is probably because my personal preference runs toward great dialogue or amazing scene setting and this book lacked both. What it does have are lots (and lots) of sections where Blu agonizes over why sheís so physically attracted to Jaden and the man in question agonizes over when next they can make good on the mutual physical attraction.

The basis of their relationship is a sexual one and with the novel taking place over a few short months, and with Blu not trusting Jaden for most of them, we donít get a chance to see them evolve from simply lovers to both lovers and friends. In other words, they donít spend much time canoodling and learning about each other after sex. Because after sex, they just have more sex. Which brings me to the "erotic" part of the romance. I donít know if Iíve been desensitized by too much romance, but on a weekly basis I read mainstream contemporary, historical and paranormal romances with more titillating sexual tension and steamier sex scenes than found here.

Though the book features the type of wording I expect in an erotic romance, the lack of chemistry between Blu and Jaden despite their inner lusting fell short. But this is a quick read, and as such, the book's flaws don't become overly onerous. Others may find the erotic component sexier than I, but because of my problem with the business sub-plot, and the erotic and romantic components, I can't recommend Wild Impulses.

-- Abi Bishop

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