Seduced by Sin

Kimberley Logan
2008, European Historical Romance (Regency England)
Avon, $5.99, 384 pages, Amazon ASIN 0061239208
Part of a series

Grade: D
Sensuality: Warm

The final installment in Kimberly Logan’s series featuring the Daventry sisters, Seduced by Sin is just plain dull and somewhat annoying. To make matters worse, I didn’t like either of the main characters. On the bright side, however, I did like the cover.

Lady Aimee Daventry was the only witness to her mother's murder, and, as a child, she was able to block most of the traumatic memories. However, for some reason, she’s now dreaming of those events again and her subconscious is revealing more and more of what happened that night. And that’s not her only problem. She is also the mousy, plain, waif-like younger sister to two older, more vibrant sisters (her family nickname is Mouse) who managed to make love matches. Because she’s plain and shy, she is certain she will never get a reasonable offer of marriage and, therefore, decides not to marry before she even has a Season.

Royce Grenville, Viscount Stonehurst, is a man scarred figuratively and literally. Simply speaking, he believes he’s cursed and brings death to all those he cares about the most. Why does he believe this? Because his daddy, who hated him, said so. Because of his scandalous reputation stemming from speculation surrounding his sister-in-law's death, he is a social recluse. He does, though, happen to have a few close friends and through them he gets to know Aimee. He also discovers that he cares for her deeply and, since he’s cursed, he must get away from her. After a year’s separation, he’s forced back into her life as her protector.

Because Aimee’s memories are resurfacing, someone wants to keep her quiet. Attempts to silence her permanently result in her family rushing her off to the far reaches of Cornwall with Royce and a chaperone until the villain is caught. Neither is happy with the forced arrangement because they know their attraction will cause conflict and possibly lead to compromise.

To put it as succinctly as possible, I wanted both characters to just grow up. Aimee, the plain, shy, waif is supposed to be meek, yet nothing about her was meek. I would describe her more as a “spitfire” and, boy, how I hate that word. When she’s with Royce all they do is argue and bicker. Royce is dark and brooding with a temper given to outbursts. At one point he yells, throws things, and sweeps a desk clean because he must resist Aimee’s fragile allure. After all, he is cursed.

As a reader, I did not experience the couple falling in love within the confines of this book. The story begins after a year’s separation as a result of Aimee’s declaration of love for Royce. Royce, in true hero fashion, flees. Aimee is bitter from the beginning of this installment until the end, when things finally fall into place and she is safe.

If you like the “I hate you! I hate you! Wait! Maybe I really love you?” novels, then this might just be one you’d like. However, if you enjoy mature, well developed characters, you would be advised to look elsewhere.

-- Heather Brooks

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