Some Enchanted Season

Marilyn Pappano
1998, Contemporary Romance
Bantam, $5.99, 384 pages, Amazon ASIN 0553579827
Part of a series

Grade: B
Sensuality: Warm

I have enjoyed Marilyn Pappano's series romances very much. She is a wonderful storyteller with a knack for developing characters you truly care about and who remain with you after you close the book. Her mainstream romances have those same qualities of emotional intensity and memorable characters that mark her series books. Some Enchanted Season is a book which takes two very likable people on a journey through love, betrayal, hurt, healing, and back to love again - all during the holiday season.

Ross and Maggie McKinney married young. They were deeply in love and their marriage went against the wishes of her mother and his father. In the beginning, the marriage was very happy. Maggie worked to put Ross through school and he put in many hours to make his business a success. Ross has become a true tycoon. He is a multi-millionaire and is counted one of the most dynamic businessmen in the country, but on the journey to success, he has lost Maggie.

Maggie had a modest goal in life. She wanted to love someone who would love her, to have a comfortable house, a dog and some children. Instead, she has Ross the workaholic, and a big sterile house with no pets or children allowed to mess it up. One Christmas Eve, Maggie leaves Ross in anger, wrecks her car and suffers head injuries that put her into a coma for a long time. As part of her rehabilitation, her doctor tells Ross that if she were in a place that held happy memories for her, it might help her with her residual memory loss.

Ross takes Maggie to the small town of Bethlehem where they once lived in a comfortable house that Maggie had loved. There, she struggles with her memory loss and her ambivalent relationship with Ross. Old memories, both good and bad come back to her and slowly, she and Ross rediscover the deep love they had; a love that had never truly died. But just as things are looking up, Maggie remembers just why she left in anger one year ago.

Some Enchanted Season is a very emotional book that takes the reader with Maggie and Ross on their journey from anguish to love. The townspeople of Bethlehem play a large part in the story and there are hints of a sequel. The only complaint I had was that it was a little too long. There is just too much angst and too much introspection at times. But still, I enjoyed this book. It reaffirms that love is more valuable than any material possession in the world - love is truly the greatest thing of all.

-- Ellen Micheletti

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