Rescue Me

Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh and Cindy Gerard
2008, Romantic Suspense
St. Martin's, $7.99, 352 pages, Amazon ASIN 0312948425

Grade: B-
Sensuality: Varies

This collection of stories is exactly what the name Rescue Me implies: A series of rescues of damsels in distress by their knights in shining armor – except the knights are actually Special Forces or police and the damsels are pretty tough too.

Romantic Suspense
Tropical Heat
Sensuality: Hot
Dr. Elizabeth Goodall wanted an adventure when she decided on a medical conference in South Africa, a world away from her safe practice in Montana. Instead, a deadly terrorist kidnaps and drags her into the depths of central Africa’s jungles. Realizing at once that her abduction is a case of mistaken identity, she plays along to buy some time until help arrives. Sam Pelton, a special ops instructor in counter-terrorism, is determined to save Elizabeth and finally make her his after waiting over a year. Elizabeth is stunned and completely confused when Sam shows up to rescue her – after all, what does a teacher know about terrorists and survival in the jungle? In the course of their adventure, she learns all manner of surprising things about the man she’s secretly been infatuated with for a long time.

Cherry Adair creates a highly charged situation in this story in which strong characters have to think to survive. I found both the plot interesting, current, and fast-paced and the characters likable, though too good to be completely true. Plus, throw in humor and a little tent-in-a-tree sex and you’ve got yourself an attention-grabbing read. Grade: B+

Romantic Suspense
Atlanta Heat
Sensuality: Hot
Macey March knows he should stay away from his commanding officer’s goddaughter, Em Delaney, since after one risky encounter he lost rank, then swore off her. However, when she is kidnapped as revenge for a terrorist organization that the admiral and Macey’s SEAL team helped bring down, the admiral knows that Macey is the one to turn to in order to rescue her.

Macey is a likable hero who is determined to save “his” woman from more than just the bad guys. He makes his intentions clear and works toward those goals. I didn’t find Em as likable nor did I find her reasons for holding out as believable. However, Leigh creates intense heat between the couple and that kept me flipping the pages. Grade: B-

Romantic Suspense
Desert Heat
Sensuality: Warm
When Assistant DA Elena Martinez signed up for the two day scavenger hunt through the Grand Canyon, she never anticipated that police detective Seth King would be her partner. As they decide to hash out their differences before immersing themselves in the course, she learns something threatening about a case they butted heads over in the courtroom. As the hunt continues, the threat becomes a reality and they become prey to a drug lord bent on revenge.

My biggest problem with this short story is that the action far overshadows the romance to the point I got bored. Again, as with Leigh's story in particular, this hero is far more likable than the heroine, who tries to sabotage the relationship by being stubborn. Grade: C

For a quick burst of romance and action, I can recommend Rescue Me – especially Cherry Adair’s story – with some minor conditions.

-- Heather Brooks

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