Holiday Heroes

Rachel Lee and Catherine Mann
November 2007, Series Romance
Sil Romantic Suspense #487, $4.99, 256 pages, Amazon ASIN 0373275579

Grade: B
Sensuality: Warm

There is only so much an author can do in a hundred pages. With brevity in mind, I approached both stories with the knowledge that I would be left wanting more. I was pleasantly surprised.

Series Romance

A Soldier for All Seasons by Rachel Lee

US Marine Jon Erikson, on leave from Afghanistan, comes home to Conard County, Wyoming, for the holidays. As you can imagine, he has been indelibly affected by what he has seen and experienced on the battlefield. His first stop is at a local watering hole, where he hopes to drink away his sorrows. There he meets Melinda Hawthorne, a park ranger. Melinda and Jon went to school together, although she was several classes behind him. She crushed on him for years and decides the time is right to tell him. She invites Jon to her home, located in the woods. A snowstorm blows in, trapping them in the middle of the wilderness. Stranded together, they soon break through his emotional walls and fall in love. Grade: B

Series Romance

Christmas at His Command by Catherine Mann

General Hank Renshaw and Senator Ginger Landis have been friends for a long time. Hank is charged with protecting Ginger while she is on goodwill tour in Germany. For the first time, Hank sees Ginger in a different light, as a sexy woman he wants to know more intimately. Ginger feels the same way about Hank. When she is attacked, Hank takes her to a safe house for protection. Spending this time together allows them to realize their feelings for each other, and soon they fall in love. Grade: B

I found both novellas quite pleasing. This was a good read for someone with a very hectic holiday season, and little time to devote to a longer book. The authors did a good job with the space they had, wisely deciding to work with characters who already knew each other, and cared for each other. If you are looking for a quick, enjoyable read on your lunch break, or to while away a lazy afternoon, then Holiday Heroes is for you.

-- Keisha Hudson

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