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Paulette Seitz - clean contemporary romance novelist

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:45 am    Post subject: Paulette Seitz - clean contemporary romance novelist Reply with quote

If you like a story about women with integrity who remain true to their internal code despite adversity or temptation, then these books are for you. The main characters will have you laughing, crying, rooting for them.
If you are looking for an easy read, an escape for the week-end or just something to entertain you on a damp and dingy evening when the television offers none, then grab your Kindle or other reading device and download my books from Amazon. They are available only in the digital media.

No Bridges to Burn
Annie Milano thinks she is the luckiest woman in the world. She has a husband who adores her and two of the best sons in the world. But when she gives birth to her daughter, her perfect world begins to collapse.
A vision and a black-out persuade Annie into therapy. Then she receives a letter and an airplane ticket to South Africa from a lawyer asking her to meet with him and settle her mother's estate. Only problem is, Annie grew up in an orphanage run by retired nuns and it is the only childhood she remembers.
This is a story of a child's survival despite neglect, and a woman's search for her past which takes her to South Africa and Belgium. It is a history she knows she needs to recapture if she wants to regain her perfect world.

Curve in the Road
Did you ever feel you wanted to pack it all in and start again? Did you ever feel your life was an endless stretch of empty tomorrows? This is how Dani feels when Malcolm, her best friend and lover, the man who helped her through her divorce six years earlier, tells her he wants out of their relationship. Her trust destroyed, the comfortable complacency of her life ruined a second time, she asks for a year's leave of absence from her job, leases her condo and sets off to visit her far flung family. But a wrong turn takes her from her planned route. She overnights at a campground in Beaupre, Pennsylvania and the following morning returns to the truck stop where she had dined the night before. Expecting a cup of their excellent coffee, she finds instead a distressed proprietor, an absent cook and a hungry truck driver. On a whim, she volunteers to make breakfast. After all, how hard could it be?
The morning bailout stretches to a week and then a month. At the end of summer, Dani decides she must move on. She has fallen in love, inappropriately, with Chase Lenoir, a man who, though he returns her love, is not free to do so as he is married, albeit he and his wife have been estranged for many years. Sadly, yet oddly invigorated, she continues on her journey to visit her son, Drew, in Los Angeles. The question is will Chase follow her? Or will Mal come to his senses and attempt to woo her back?

Storms to Weather
When Wayne Cabot, Erica Pahlberg’s teenage love, returns to Schoon Falls in upstate New York, offering marriage and escape, she accepts despite his wealthy family’s open animosity. But the life of comfort and happiness Erica dreamed of is of short duration and she is a widow barely a year later. Desperate and alone, she struggles to survive in an alien environment and learns the uplifting power of friendship; that facing a problem is better than running away from it; that a burden shared, lightens it. She discovers love is not necessarily fireworks and brass bands. Sometimes it enters one’s heart soft as a whisper yet strong as tempered steel.


If you choose to read my books, I would love to see and read discussions about them on Let's Talk Romance Novels Smile
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