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Life, The Universe, and God. (Long)

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:50 am    Post subject: Life, The Universe, and God. (Long) Reply with quote

Life; The Universe; And God

This article addresses the question of whether modern science contradicts the existence of "God" or actually implies the existence of "God". I will explain The Big Bang Theory as I understand it from reading "A Briefer History of Time" by Stephen Hawking. I highly recommend reading anything written by him as he is a brilliant scientist and theoretician, and his books are both relatively easy to read and absolutely fascinating. One subject Stephen Hawking will not embark upon is whether science points to an existence of "God". The reason for this is because we truly have absolutely no way of proving the existence of "God" at this point in time, and we have no scientific methods of even beginning to prove it. Therefore any conclusions made about the existence of "God", drawn from modern science and physics, can be only conjecture and inherently unprovable. I am not a quantum scientist, so I have no problem with conjecture. In this article I will point out what I feel to be implied by what scientists have learned of the known universe and the interactions of the particles within. It is important to note that what has been observed is relative to the observer, as more data comes in, the observations are refined further and further, painting what we hope to be an extremely accurate picture.

The Big Bang:

Due to the observations we have made of our known universe using both Earth-based telescopes and the Space-based Hubble telescope, combined with the discovery of quantum physics, we are able to make more and more discoveries regarding the behavior of our universe and the particles therein. According to leading quantum physicists we can predict with a high degree of certainty approximately what the universe looked like and was composed of, to less than a nanosecond after what is commonly referred to as “The Big Bang” although that is somewhat of a misnomer.
Most people seem to think that The Big Bang Theory says that all the matter (mass/energy) in the Universe was simply condensed down to something really small somewhere in the Universe; Right? Wrong. In fact that’s what I also remember being taught in school, but that is not what science has actually shown us. According to Stephen Hawking, we have gathered a massive amount of evidence all pointing to only one explanation.

All the galaxies in the Universe originated from a single point size ZERO.

The Universe once occupied a single point size ZERO.

What the @#$%?

Yes, everything we see came from NOTHING. Our mathematical models show an extremely accurate
picture of what the Universe looked like right up until less than a nanosecond after TBB, but we still have no idea what happened prior to that. This is because all of our known laws of physics break down at that point. Space/time seems to have had infinite curvature at that point in history, and the laws of physics as we know them cannot exist in that state. This seems to show that the forces of our universe came into being at the same time as the universe itself. So basically first there was nothing, absolutely nothing, no physics, no space, no matter.

Then “BOOM”!

Everything all at once.....time/space, mass/energy (matter), all at once it was there. It is important to note that while all this matter was created, it was created in a very basic form, not in complex atoms but merely the building blocks for atoms. In fact, in the most common models, after the initial expansion of the Universe, it was filled with some kind of quark/gluon plasma, as well as some other elementary particles like neutrons, electrons, photons and more. At this point it is believed that particle/anti-particle pairs are constantly being created and destroyed by collisions. Then we get something called Baryogenesis which I don't fully understand, the gist of it is that something happened which caused there to be a very small predominance of particles over anti-particles, about 1 part in 30 million. This is why we have more matter than anti-matter in our Universe.
In the first second of the Big Bang, quite a lot happened; mass annihilation's of protons and electrons and other elementary particles, as well as some other interesting events. For the purposes of this article it is not necessary to detail those, I recommend Wikipedia if you would like to know, they have an excellent Big Bang section full of citations and details to keep you reading for hours.
A few minutes into the Big Bang, the temperature has now cooled to about a billion degrees Kelvin, and we begin to see what is known as Big Bang nucleosynthesis. This as far as I can tell is just another fancy name for fusion, and we end up with helium and deuterium (heavy hydrogen) and some other trace light elements; however most particles remain uncombined as hydrogen, with 1 electron orbiting 1 proton.
This resulted in a NEARLY uniform distribution of matter.
Over a very long period of time, the slightly denser regions of the universe were pulled inexorably closer by the force of gravity, resulting in the stars, galaxies, clouds and etc that we see evident in our universe today.
This is a very basic telling of the Big Bang Theory; there are many aspects to the theory, some of which are highly contested, but the basic theory as I have just written it has been evidenced repeatedly by multiple forms of testing. For a more detailed explanation of the Big Bang, I once again recommend Wikipedia as it allows you to easily follow links to verify the statements.

Now that we have gone through the basics of the Big Bang, let's look at what science tells us about a few of the important aspects of the universe as we observe it.


How can space/time have no beginning or end, if it didn’t exist until TBB?

Imagine a balloon, this balloon represents Space/Time. Space/time is what was created first and in the beginning it was much smaller than it is now. Immediately after space/time was created (far, far, less than a nanosecond), matter was created within space/time. This is one of the reasons we have galaxies spread so far throughout the Universe, because when the matter that later became galaxies was initially created it was everywhere within space/time, because space/time was incredibly small as compared to now.
The idea of space as a balloon works well because a spherical balloon has no beginning or end upon its surface, however it is finite. This is crucial to understand, space/time is finite. Unlike the balloon however, space/time is 4 dimensionally spherical in nature. With the balloon you can only travel continuously in 2 dimensions (side to side or vertically) whereas in space you can travel in all directions continuously, although you may end up back where you started if you went far enough. The balloon model also helps to illustrate the reason why the Universe is still expanding, actually accelerating. Large objects affect space/time in a visible way, resulting in gravity, seeming to anchor matter somewhat to space/time, while the space between galaxies, devoid of matter, is still expanding, causing the distance between galaxies to increase.


The Big Bang was an enormous explosion of incredible proportions; in this explosion billions upon billions upon billions of particles were created or released into the new Universe, we have no way of knowing which, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter, no pun intended. Protons, neutrons, electrons, positrons, neutrinos, and so on, there are quite a few particles we have discovered, and most likely many more we may never discover. As the temperature cooled after the initial burst of energy, the particles began to be affected more and more by the forces that were also created in the beginning. Gravity, The Strong Nuclear Force, The Weak Nuclear Force are some of these newly created forces.
These forces caused many of the initial particles to combine to create ever more complex particles, the complex particles themselves interacting or combining with others to make still more complex particles, or atoms. We see from this model, as well as others, that the Universe uses very small particles as building blocks for other larger particles, even protons and neutrons are themselves made of quarks, and leptons.
We see absolutely no evidence that anything larger than the very small, i.e. protons/neutrons, was created whole and complete.
All objects larger than those came into being from the smaller objects interacting with each other within the boundaries of the Forces that were also created in the beginning. Not even the most basic of atoms (helium, hydrogen, and deuterium) were created whole.
There is a finite number of ways in which particles can combine; the laws of physics dictate that particles can only bond with other particles in a VERY limited fashion. I think it is interesting to note that while all particles in the Universe have a certain amount of freedom, they are also extremely strictly governed by the laws of physics, allowing only a relatively few possible outcomes to events affecting said particles.
Since all matter is affected by gravity we end up with huge, swirling clouds of gas, mostly hydrogen, but with some other basic ones as well, and since gravity increases as more and more matter gets very close to other matter the first large objects we see in the Universe are stars. Stars are basically atom factories, as fusion is required at this point in order created anything much more complicated than helium, heavy hydrogen (deuterium) and hydrogen.
This poses no problem for the Universe however, because the forces of physics cause matter to coalesce into large spheres, increasing the gravity affecting all particles within the range of its gravitational pull. Gravity combines with friction to generate heat, and with enough heat you get fusion. The more complex the atom, the more heat you need in order to have fusion. This heat is also what stops the gravitational pull from causing the matter to continue to collapse further and further.
So at first we have these basic stars, working away at fusing smaller atoms into larger, more complex ones, however, there is a limit to which atoms may be fused. That limit is Iron. When stars reach that crucial point where they can fuse no further we get the next step in the creation of the Universe as we know it today. Supernovae. Supernovae occur when the fusible material in a star is exhausted, and all the Iron it has created over time causes the star to collapse in on itself, while at the same time releasing tremendous amounts of both radiation and matter. The matter released is now shot throughout the Universe, ready to interact with all other matter it encounters.
This explosive force which occurs is necessary for atoms to continue to combine into the most complex forms we can see, Life. The reason for this is because life as we know it cannot occur in close proximity to a Supernova, the radiation by a supernova is too intense to allow particles to combine into to form life. This is also the reason why life (as we know it) can only exist in relatively barren regions of space. Thankfully, space is quite big.


The matter used to create life and therein us, all came from stars. The purpose of a star, as defined by the forces of physics, seems to be to create complex molecules, which can then be used later to create even more complex systems. Throughout the Universe we see this same model, from the smallest particles to the largest complex systems, particles continue to want to interact with particles where ever possible as allowed by the other forces, and in this interaction they desire to make more complex systems.
When stars have reached the limit of their potential to create more complex materials, the same forces which caused the star to burn and form to begin with, cause the star to eject a massive amount of this converted material in the explosion known as a Supernova. The matter then begins its trek through space, whether short or long, to be either caught up in another star or object, to create planets, or to end up in orbit around a star or planet, or to continue hurtling through space forever.
In many places only certain types of more complex structures will be possible, due to the inherent uncertainty in the universe from free will, as in nothing will interfere with anything else outside the boundaries of what has been determined by the fundamental laws of physics.
For instance, Light photons don’t simply disappear and reappear around the world; wood doesn’t sprout wings and fly. All objects large and small have certain parameters by which they must abide. But while this is true, it is also true that matter is inherently changing, Forces which were less powerful in previous states are able to exert different forces and pressures at different temperatures/speeds to create a vast diversity of molecules.
This diversity is a direct result of the nature of particles and their inherent desire to bond with other particles whenever possible. ALL particles in our universe are constantly interacting in some way with themselves as well as neighboring particles or forces. We know that particles slow down as they lose heat or energy. We also know that once these particles have sufficiently cooled from the temperatures required to create them, they can in turn be used as building blocks for even more complex structures.
Approximately 4.5 billion years ago Earth is created and goes through a series of interactions resulting in a larger amount of biological matter present on Earth. This matter went through a series of chemical interactions, the most important of which may be photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis allowed the large amounts of carbon dioxide to be converted to oxygen and provide us with an ozone layer. This allowed further and further diversity of the earliest forms of Life.
Approximately 610 million years ago multicellular organisms appear and we see an explosion of these forms of life in both number and diversity, however to this day single celled prokaryotes remain the majority of the biomass present on Earth.
Through the evolution of these multicellular organisms and a whole lot of time we end up with what we see on Earth today; an incredibly diverse complication of particles into something that then takes other material to create more of itself, Life.


First we have an initial event in which all matter and all laws governing said matter was CREATED. Next we have matter combining to form more complex structures. Next we have complex structures which are self-replicating. These self-replicating structures then continue the steps with evolution, further complicating their structures.

All this science seems to imply the existence of another force, a very general force which is the reason for the existence of all forces, and therefore all outcomes from the interaction of the forces upon the particles in our Universe. The laws of physics and TBB and the existence of Life imply the existence of an overriding force, or Creator.
That force we are observing is The Life Force. I’m calling it that because that seems to be its inherent purpose, the ultimate complication of particles. Life can be defined as something that procreates, chooses through its own free will to use materials from its environment and create. This is exactly what seems to have happened to create our Universe.
There must have been a Force which caused the Creation of our Universe, a single force which was present before the creation, and is still present. A force which created the forces of our Universe, and the matter therein from the environment in which this initial force existed, to further its own more complex goal perhaps, or merely as an inevitable result from possible forces affecting it. In order for a force to be a force it must have a goal, a result to its effects. I believe the result of the Life Force is the Creation of the Universe as well as the creation of Life itself.
Life, just like everything else in our universe, is not random. Amino acids and peptides are the building blocks of life, and like all other particles, there is a strictly limited number of ways for these amino acids to combine, and like other particles, when the required conditions exist, life WILL occur.
The next step in complication of particles is just as strictly governed, while at the same time allowing extreme diversity due to the nature of using small building blocks to create larger objects.
Evolution of life is NOT completely random. Life itself wants to evolve into more and more combination's which are nearly all beneficial to its further existence, not with random mutations most of which are harmful.
Not all particles will be able to, but all particles are pushed towards the change necessary to create life, other forces and laws governing molecules are also at work, that is why there are so many non-living particles, and even that is necessary for the Life force to be able to apply its natural desire for diversity. The Life force takes every aspect of the universe to help it create Life.
Life force will not operate outside if its own boundaries into areas governed by other laws. But all laws and forces are extensions of the will of Life Force, with the intent to develop progressively more complex molecules, the epitome of which is Life.

Anywhere Life can develop it will develop.

Life Force is being exerted on all particles throughout the universe. Life force is able to operate on both a small scale and a large scale because it is simultaneously inherent everywhere in the Universe. No matter where you are Life force will be the same, exerting its influence on particles to create ever more complex structures. This may in fact be why particles move in waves, Life Force may be exerting constant pressure on all particles simultaneously, causing them to waffle back and forth in space/time. I believe we have been observing the Life force for quite some time now as the reason for particles moving in waves, and it is interesting to note that the very act of electrons moving in waves is what allows them to orbit nuclei and create atoms, without which we would not have anything more than primordial muck throughout the universe.
The only phenomenon in the Universe that we know of which mimics this drive to create is Life, Life takes its environment and changes it. Life also seeks to advance into both more complex and more diverse structures, not just because it is a better way to survive, but because it is different, because it is a possible life form.
Life is different from other matter in that the structure is imbued an extra spark of something, some push which drives it to exert force on nearby particles and use those particles to Build specific complex structures. Just as the Life force, life takes building blocks and builds what it needs; Life force also pushes new complex structures to try to find successful new arrangements of molecules even more complex than before. The Life Force is the same as space/time in that the beginning is the same as the end, and the middle the same as both, it is consistent always in its efforts to Create. We may very well be at the mere beginning to Life, but if our species “evolves” into a higher life form, it will not be from random mutations.
As we are pushed against the boundaries of our lives, our DNA will naturally change to emphasize different traits beneficial to the new environment, the better a species survives a new environment, the more likely it will be able to fulfill the Life Force’s inexorable push and change again enough to push the boundaries again, as Life demands. Humans are certainly an exciting step for Life force, as our abilities to manipulate our environment increase to proportions unlike any other form of Life.
Life force is merely my name for what you may call God, or the Creator, and for the reasons I have just listed I believe that science does imply the existence of God.
Modern science does imply the existence of God, so to speak, therefore if you believe in God don't ignore all the evidence for God due to the mistaken belief that modern science and God are incompatible? If you believe that humans are the goal of the creator don't ignore all the evidence modern science has given you for that.

I would love to cite all my sources for this information, however since most of it was read over and over again from different authors I will mention the most comprehensive sources I used. Between reading Stephen Hawking and Wikipedia you will be able to find all the sources you could possibly want to verify the basic truth or the basic theories I have been discussing with you.
As far as the Life force goes, that's all my own, however since formulating that theory I have heard of similar theories in existence, I am certainly not the first person to think there is an overriding force. It is completely my opinion with absolutely no scientific data to back up my idea that particle-waves are the evidence of this Life force.
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:35 pm    Post subject: Re: Life, The Universe, and God. (Long) Reply with quote

norcalgolfer wrote:
So basically first there was nothing, absolutely nothing, no physics, no space, no matter.

Then “BOOM”!

Everything all at once.....time/space, mass/energy (matter), all at once it was there.

Or, as someone else once put it, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

It's all a great big fascinating mystery, isn't it? I've personally never seen the world as science vs. religion - to me, they're just two ways of describing the same events.

Enjoyed your post a lot!
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks LizE

The Idea of a Creator is certainly an extremely old one. Many (i would venture to say most in fact) faiths have stories of creation. When you look at the stories as relatively primitive descriptions of the origin of the Universe, it is certainly striking how accurate many seem to be. If you change the word "god" or "gods" to "force" or "forces" it becomes even closer to how we have scientifically defined it today.

For instance:

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

Now this is actually a mistranslation, because in Hebrew the word that is used here is "Elohim", which is the plural form of god. "Yahweh" is the singular form, and isn't used until much later in The Bible.

So the true translation is "In the beginning Gods created the heaven and the earth".

If you then change that to "In the beginning forces created the universe and the earth", well that's pretty darn accurate isn't it.

And of course The Bible is certainly not the only or even the oldest creation story which goes along the lines of how we believe it did happen according to the scientific evidence.

The main difference between the majority of the creation stories and modern scientific theory, is the presence of an additional force with the specific intent to create life.

I think it is important to note that I did not come to the theory of a creation force from a religious or faith-based perspective. I am not a member of any Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion.
In fact, when I started studying quantum theory and the big bang, I didn't believe either a god, or a creator existed. In the process of learning how modern science believes the universe was created, I began to see a pattern.
It is all way too convenient. Everything works too well. Even evolution from random mutation is extremely unlikely in such a relatively short period of time, which is not to say that is not what happened (in such a large universe, even that which is improbable, is also likely to be inevitable).
But taking away the specifics of whether evolution was the work of a creator, or just random, look at how each and every particle fits into a natural order. Look at how perfectly all the forces we know exist function and interact with all the particles within the universe. Forces which cause an electron to ONLY be able to orbit a nucleus on a specific path. And those paths are also what gives us the atomic elements which can then be used to create life.

Everything works too well for ALL of it to be completely random.

This new found belief of mine caused me to formulate my theory of a life force, or creator force. My excitement over all that I had learned, and now felt, led me to write my Life, the Universe, and God essay.

Lol, basically The Big Bang Theory caused me to believe in Creation, and that is not something I usually hear from day to day. Smile
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