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Does the romance genre owe society?
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Linda in sw va

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

maggie b. wrote:
A blog related to this post is up on AAR now at http://www.likesbooks.com/blog/?p=8475

maggie b.

Maggie, I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for the link!

"The Bookshop has a thousand books, all colors, hues and tinges, and every cover is a door that turns on magic hinges." ~ Nancy Byrd Turner
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eliza wrote:
If using caps for emphasis instead of italics, talking about anything being "thought-provoking" and having second thoughts in a discussion are cardinal sins, and there is more lively interest in what an imaginary duke might look like or if he ever opens his own door, than my posts clearly have been intrusions. Mi dispiace.

As I've been one of those writing about dukes and what they do or not do: I mentioned that in addition to my reponse to the original topic answering to another poster and earned an education about fiction. (Do I need to say that I didn't need that?)

I didn't answer then but as you mentioned the 'dukes' another time I feel that I have to clarify my post. I never said that questions of believability about historic details are more important than questions about race and cultural problems. To compair them is nonsensical.
I, too, am one of the romance readers who search entertainment and a bit of escape in reading this special type of fiction. That does not exclude reading about a multicultural couple, about religious differences and so on in these books! But I don't want the problems that may emerge out of differences of this kind beeing the main topic of the romance. If I would like - and sometimes I do! - to read about these themes I can find them in many contemporary books called literature. I hope I made myself clear on that.
No opposition against heros and heroines of Asian, African, Indian or whatever descent or religion! For the sake of diversity that even would be desirable. But: Romance is about the developing feelings between two people.
When the result of reading about a mulicultural couple leads to more tolerance so much the better. But that only can be a secondary effect, desirable as it may be. The romance itself doesn't owe anything to society. People are the ones who owe society but not by their reading preferences.

P.S. As I'm reasonably good in understanding English but unfortunately not so good in expressing my thoughts in English I hope my long elaboration was understandable.
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