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2010 RITA Nominations: Updated Throughout the Day

Today is the day, fellow romance lovers.  Calls are going out to nominated authors and we’ll  be adding to the listing as Lynn Spencer and I hear the news throughout the day.  [Authors, if you’re one of the lucky ones, … Continue reading

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The Harlequin Horizons Debacle

You know how people can remember where they first heard about a terrible disaster? The Harlequin Horizons debacle is like that for me. While most romance readers heard about it on a blog or a romance message board, I heard … Continue reading

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RWA: Sandy’s Take

Just a few thoughts to add to Lynn’s. It was a pleasure to meet her, as well as AAR Senior Reviewer Jane Granville.  We also met AAR readers, including SusanDC and Sandlynn, both of whom we all know so well … Continue reading

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Observations From My First RWA

My first trip to the RWA conference felt like complete sensory overload, but in a good way. We kept the live coverage going over at AAR last week, but today I’m finally having a chance to catch my breath, and … Continue reading

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RWA Conference Coverage: What’s Your Pleasure?

RWA Nationals are coming up July 15  – 18 and this year both Lynn Spencer and I will be attending. In previous years, AAR has offered extensive coverage – usually after the conference is over.  But the world – and … Continue reading

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RWA Announces the DC Literacy Signing Author Listing

The line up is up and it looks fantastic! The 2009 booksigning – open to everyone – will take place on July 15th at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in DC from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Are you going?  If … Continue reading

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Rita Nominations: Sandy and Lynn’s Take

Sandy’s Take Results are in and the dust is settled. The headline for me is I had fewer WTF reactions than in previous years.  Still:

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2009 Rita Nominations

The calls are going out today to 2009 Rita and Golden Heart finalists. Official results are going up at the RWA site and Twitter is also hopping.  Just search for hashtag #rwanoms for a live feed.  (And, no, you don’t … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Playing Calvinball

So, do we have any Calvin and Hobbes fans here? Remember Calvinball? You never play it the same way twice, and the rules are whatever Calvin says they are. These rules sometimes change midstream and often make no sense.

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