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Books With Buzz: Tessa Dare Interview and Giveaway (Contest Closed)

This week is extra special because we’re doing a double feature of Books with Buzz! As many of you know, Tessa Dare burst onto the scene last year with Goddess of the Hunt, and was our readers’ pick for Best … Continue reading

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The Face of a Hero

During my book club’s latest meeting, a friend who’d seen the play version of a novel most of us had read, showed around some leaflets of the production and asked whether the two actors who played the leads were in … Continue reading

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What are You Eagerly Awaiting?

Warm weather is here, or at least it is in my part of the world! I’ve been having fun looking over the new releases for summer and picking out books I’d really like to read. There are new treats to … Continue reading

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Drawing the Line

We thank everyone for the lively discussion.  Commenting to this post has been disabled. I’ve been thinking about Voltaire lately. Specifically, one of his most famous quotations: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend … Continue reading

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Placeholder Heroines

I came across a link to an article from last year that still annoys me, so it got me thinking about a topic that comes up in romanceland from time to time – the placeholder heroine. This idea seems to … Continue reading

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My Love-Hate Relationship with Books

There are certain books with which I have a bit of a love-hate relationship. Perhaps love-unease might be a better way to describe it, because I’m not sure my feelings ever quite fall to the level of hate. My love-hate … Continue reading

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Buried Treasures of 2009

At one point, pretty much every reader has that moment of finding a wonderful, delightful book that doesn’t seem to be getting any love anywhere. It’s not flying off shelves at the bookstore, it’s not getting buzz all over the … Continue reading

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Ella Enchanted: Introducing Myself to Romance

Before Harry Potter swept in and defined my generation, two books left remarkable impressions on me. Two very different books, but they had a strong impact on me and many of my peers. I’m going to look back at these … Continue reading

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The Need for Recognition

This past week, I read The Mane Squeeze by Shelly Laurenston. About halfway through the book I realised the heroine’s best friend was black and though she had previously struck me as slightly annoying, I finished the book eagerly anticipating … Continue reading

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Plotlines That Could Take a Break

On the whole, I don’t mind seeing variations of the same old plot in what I read. Well, I do read plenty of genre literature after all! The finesse and/or psychological depth in which a well-known plot is handled can … Continue reading

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