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The Seducer and the Seduced

As a genre, romances have largely moved beyond the “bodice ripper” forced seduction-style stories (despite lingering stereotypes). They still pop up from time to time, but generally now the “she said no, but I know she really means yes” and … Continue reading

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Updating the Conversion Kit

All About Romance has discussed conversion kits for non-romance readers for quite some time now. The list of resources has helped me tremendously and for the first time, I now have offline friends who read romance! However, many good books … Continue reading

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Trauma as Plot Device

The use of rape as a plot device in romance books has been on my mind for a while. While I feel very strongly about it, I hesitated to write about it for fear of coming across as getting on … Continue reading

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Flying the Romance Flag With Pride

Think about this: According to Romance Writers of America, in 2009, romantic fiction garnered the largest share of trade book sales, outselling mystery, science fiction/fantasy, and religion/inspirational books. In physical books sales, only general fiction sold (by less than one … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve of the Moment

Usually I try to make my expositions on annoyances a bit more analytical and open-minded than this, but I’ve got my rant on, and it’s directed at chapter prefaces. You know, those quotes that start every chapter. Usually they’re famous … Continue reading

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Going to Extremes

I love going to RWA nationals for a variety of reasons. However, one of the major thrills for me comes from getting to hear about upcoming books and forecasts for various subgenres of romance. This year, hearing about the various … Continue reading

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Reader Prejudice, or Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

As readers of romance, we’re familiar with literary prejudice– the Fabio jokes, the scoffs and eye rolls, the shame in reading one in public. I always defend my preferred genre, and berate people for making such judgments about an entire … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Stories

In a nutshell: I hate them.  I really, really hate them. When I was in middle school, Titanic came out.  A classmate came in one day and raved about it: “Oh my God, I’ve seen it like four times already, … Continue reading

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Why I Read Romance Novels

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a propensity towards criticism and pessimism.  Take romance novels, for example – I could go on for hours about the general Decline and Fall of the Romance Civilization.  But you know … Continue reading

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My Tortured Relationship With the Regency

First things first: I don’t hate the Regency. If you check my old reviews, you’ll find some Regency historicals out there that I’ve liked or even loved. Julia Quinn, Tessa Dare and Carla Kelly are all autobuys of mine. However, … Continue reading

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