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The Best of Both Worlds

Development is a natural part of any civilization, but I think most people accept that the past few decades have blown the other millenia out of the water.  I swear, I blink and my cell phone grows another set of … Continue reading

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Reading in Times of Trouble

Like many people around the world, I am deeply affected by what is happening in Japan. My heart goes out the Japanese people, and I admire the steadfastness and determination, not to mention great courage with which they deal with … Continue reading

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When TSTL Works

Over the years here, we’ve said quite a bit about the TSTL(Too Stupid To Live) nutter, one of the heroines we love to hate. And I have long been among those who have hated them most fervently and vocally. The … Continue reading

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The Hardback Dilemma

There are very few books out there I will buy in hardback. Hardbacks have several severe disadvantages, mainly: They are big, and don’t fit into my handbag. They are heavy, and I don’t like to carry them in my handbag … Continue reading

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What About All Those Eagerly Awaited Books?

Each month, the AAR staff post their picks of soon-to-be-released books that we’re excited about. These are not necessarily books we’ll read for review, but they may be new releases from much-loved authors or books that simply sounded intriguing when … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Programs

When I was a kid the highlight of my summer was always the summer reading program.  Yes, my family went on vacation.  Often to really cool places.  Yes, I did things with friends.  But around April I anxiously awaited the … Continue reading

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Why I Read Romance Novels

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a propensity towards criticism and pessimism.  Take romance novels, for example – I could go on for hours about the general Decline and Fall of the Romance Civilization.  But you know … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Spoils

I flip to the end of books all the time but especially when things are getting exciting. It’s counter-intuitive I’ve been told, to leave the action and head straight for the denouement but I do this all the time, almost … Continue reading

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Stargirl: Introducing Myself to Romance, Part II

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how I discovered romance in the exquisite pages of Gail Carson Levine’s classic children’s novel, Ella Enchanted. A few years later came a different book that showed me another side of life and … Continue reading

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Your Qualifications, Ma’am?

I admit it: I am a Malcolm Gladwell fan girl. I don’t stalk his blog or anything, but I’ve read all his books – two of them twice – and found them all fascinating. I recently reread Outliers: The Story … Continue reading

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