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Books with Buzz: Lisa Kleypas Interview and 10-Book Giveaway (Contest Closed)

At long, long last after a draught of one solid year without a book from Lisa Kleypas, her loyal readers catch a break at last when Rainshadow Road is finally released on Tuesday, February 28th.   To celebrate, we’ve got … Continue reading

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The Appeal of the Villainous Hero

Notes from the Underground, written by Fyodor Dostoevsky begins with the famous opening line, “I am a sick man… I am a wicked man”. In the novel, Dostoevsky creates a hero who possesses all the characteristics of a villain: sarcasm, … Continue reading

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Let It Snow

Even though there’s still snow on the ground, I can feel spring around the air.  Unlike many people, I mourn the loss of the winter when spring comes – I’m not really one for rain and flowers.  So as I … Continue reading

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Stuart’s Coat, Sara’s Spectacles, and Jessica’s Glove

I’ve been thinking lately about what is it about some writers that make their books magical for readers in ways that others aren’t. First, a confession: I read contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormals, but historical romance was my first … Continue reading

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Serious Series Addiction

I’m a romance reader who loves series books.  Give me books for all the brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, pack mates, or even coven members and blood brothers an author can come up with; I’m good with’em all if they’re well … Continue reading

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Lisa Kleypas Winners

The giveaway is over and here are the winners:  socalgal51, LisaA, Kathy, elainec, Lynda X, Kim in Hawaii, Jessika, Jane O, marcela, and Debbie. Winners have been notified by email. We thank Lisa Kleypas for taking the time and St. Martin’s … Continue reading

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Books with Buzz: Lisa Kleypas Interview and 10-Book Giveaway (Contest Closed)

It’s been a while since we had our Buzz on here at AAR and we’re happy to break our drought with a good one:  An interview with Lisa Kleypas and a 10-book giveaway courtesy of St. Martin’s of the author’s … Continue reading

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Are We in a New Historical Golden Age?

I sat down to write something kind of snarky about language use in historicals after having come across some particularly heinous examples lately, but I soon found myself thinking about something entirely different:  Are we in the midst of a … Continue reading

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Speaking of Audiobooks: Buy, Rent, or Borrow?

We’ve discussed how we listen, why we listen, and, on a continual basis, what we listen to.  But one aspect we have yet to formally address is where we choose to obtain our romance audiobooks.  Do you find most of … Continue reading

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Casting My Favorites

We’re talking casting here again at the AAR blog. Lynn wrote earlier this week about how she never, ever visualizes actors as characters in a novel she’s reading.  Truth is I rarely do either. But sometimes something just clicks and … Continue reading

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