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The Best of Both Worlds

Development is a natural part of any civilization, but I think most people accept that the past few decades have blown the other millenia out of the water.  I swear, I blink and my cell phone grows another set of … Continue reading

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Readers Love eBooks. Too Bad Publishers Still Don’t Get It.

In case you missed it, in February sales of eBooks were up an astonishing 202% from the same month just a year before. To make the news even more impressive, for the first time eBooks exceeded sales of all other … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia There are Legal Free eBooks

If this is Tuesday, there must be a new controversy about eBooks. Recently, the Technology section of the Washington Post reported that both Amazon was selling Project Gutenberg titles in their eBook stores. This was picked up by other sources, … Continue reading

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Yet Another eBookstore…with a Difference?

The news has been floating around for a while, but Google finally made it official on Wednesday: Google Editions, their eBook store, launched on Monday. What’s the big deal?  Well, as many of us agree, the proprietary formats are just … Continue reading

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Publishers: Take my Money. Please.

Disclaimer:  This is a rant from a consumer’s point of view.  No wait, a pissed off consumer’s point of view. Dear Publishers: As one of your very best customers who routinely buys multiple books each month, you should care what … Continue reading

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Is There an Enhanced Ebook in Your Future?

Enhanced e-books sound like yet another “wave of the future” that most readers never asked for. Yet it seems that every few weeks, there’s another story where a mainstream journalist waxes poetic about how the future of e-books is enhanced … Continue reading

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Has the Ebook Reader Changed my Reading Habits?

When I bought my first eBook reader, an Opus, in December, I felt both like a pioneer – eBook readers are not at all common in Germany yet, and I’d only seen one in the flesh before, on a train … Continue reading

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Libraries: The Ebook Way

I don’t have an eBook reader, mainly because I don’t buy enough new books to justify the cost.  But when I checked back to the Toronto Public Library recently, lo and behold they’ve instituted an eLibrary. Which makes me absolutely … Continue reading

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Publishing Drama Queens

I’ve reached the end of my rope here. In case you’ve somehow missed it, there is a labyrinthine mess about ebook pricing going on involving publishers, Amazon, and Apple. First of all, rest assured that I’m not going to weigh … Continue reading

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Happy Read an Ebook Week

Even if you’re a big fan of ebooks, you might not realize that March 7-13 is Read an Ebook Week. The first Read an Ebook Week was started in 2004 and the first Amazon Kindle didn’t come out until more … Continue reading

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