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Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! It’s hard to believe we’re this far into the 21st century already. Last year – heck, the last decade – gave us some wonderful books, and from what I’ve seen of books this year so far, it promises … Continue reading

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Reading Resolutions

In my work life, I couldn’t survive without being relentlessly organized. My office bookcase is alphabetized and arranged by subject. My home? Um, not quite so orderly. The books in that picture on the left may not have been stacked … Continue reading

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And Now to Give Thanks

I spend a fair amount of time calling out some of the things in romance that hurt the genre and absolutely make me crazy. However, having read romance since the early 90s (ah, the days of sneaking books past my … Continue reading

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A Solution to the Reading Slump

I never thought I’d say this, but here’s my answer to the reading slump:  Stop reading. About three weeks ago, I had a period of major crunching, and for two solid weeks I didn’t read a thing.  My review books … Continue reading

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The Lover Scorned

Recently, I reread Thornton Wilder’s The Ides of March. It’s a book I’ve read with great pleasure before; this time I was particularly struck by the way the relationship between the poet Catullus and society lady Clodia is portrayed. He … Continue reading

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Categories: The Bastard Children of Romance

Last week on our message boards a discussion arose about category romances – specifically, whether or not one reads them and why. For those of you who don’t know, categories (a.k.a. “series romances”) are the shorter, usually numbered books released … Continue reading

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Storing All Those Books

Recently, I sorted some of my bookshelves. Truth to be told, I mostly did it in order to procrastinate doing some other work, but when I had finished, I was really pleased: The books looked so neat, with many from … Continue reading

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The Ultimate DIK Challenge

DIK. Desert Isle Keeper. Most of us have dozens of them, those tried-and-true favorites you re-read time and again. Unfortunately, most desert isles don’t have room for all of my DIKs. Nor does carry-on luggage.

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The Art of Love

Finding a balance in life is challenging.  The routines, the career, the relationships, the finances, and family and friends – it isn’t easy compartmentalizing as well as merging all of these together, and too often we become over-involved in one … Continue reading

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The Book Police Strike Again!

For the third time in five years, I’ve actually been asked to either put up my book or leave a public place because people find my reading material offensive.  The most recent offender? The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie (a fantastic … Continue reading

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