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How Do We Define Romance?

How do we define romance? On a romance blog, one might as well ask what is life. It’s one of those broad, overarching topics susceptible to endless debate. We see authors offering endless variations from the most conventional to the … Continue reading

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So, Have You Read Any RITA Winners?

The 2012 RITA winners were officially announced on the last full evening at the RWA convention, on July 28, 2012. Many of us like to compare the winners to what we have already read and AAR reviewers are no exception. … Continue reading

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RWA 2012 Wrap Up

RWA 2012 was my fifth conference; I’ve been to the last three in a row, and before that was at Reno in 2005 and Denver in 2002. With that many under my belt I am learning that each conference has … Continue reading

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RWA 2012: News From Anaheim

RWA 2012 began early yesterday for Lynn Spencer and me; we started the day at Disneyland (first time for her, umpteenth for me). Only one thing could tear me away: The annual literary signing. I only got to ride Space … Continue reading

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My Personal Rita Reading Challenge

I have a long-term relationship with the Ritas. I had no friends who read romances (or at least admitted that they did) when I began reading romances in the 1990s. So soon after I finished Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick’s complete … Continue reading

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The Buzzword? Digital.

If there was one word we kept hearing last week at RWA, it was digital. We heard it from excited people, disillusioned people, scared people, and confused people. Digital options are opening up a Brave New World, but no one … Continue reading

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RWA – And the Conference Begins in Earnest!

Somehow this year’s RWA conference seems to be flying by. Perhaps it’s the pace of New York City; I always feel so energized whenever I’m here. Whatever the reason, there’s a liveliness about this year’s conference that has been very … Continue reading

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RWA Literacy Signing – Start Spreadin’ the News

At some point, I have to get rid of the Sinatra ear worm, which has been in my head for days. But anyway, here we are in New York! The New York Marriott Marquis is full of women and full … Continue reading

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RWA Coverage: What’s Your Pleasure?

In a little over a week, Blythe, Lynn, and I will be at RWA in New York. The three of us certainly plan to blog that week and provide coverage day by day.  We also plan to live tweet the … Continue reading

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Going to Extremes

I love going to RWA nationals for a variety of reasons. However, one of the major thrills for me comes from getting to hear about upcoming books and forecasts for various subgenres of romance. This year, hearing about the various … Continue reading

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