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Michelle Diener’s Dark Deeds: A Pandora’s Box

Today, Maggie and Alexandra tackle the second book in the Class 5 Series by Michelle Diener, Dark Deeds. The first book in the series,  Dark Horse, made both of their Top Ten Lists for 2015. Does the second book live up to … Continue reading

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The Best of 2015: Maggie’s List

Last year I defined a DIK as “a book that delights me, with characters I at least like (but normally, I love them) and a romance that leaves my heart a little gooey. I thoroughly enjoy reading it, don’t want … Continue reading

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Life and Death: It’s No Twilight

The tenth anniversary edition of Twilight arrived on the shelves several months ago containing the bonus feature of Life and Death, a gender swap retelling of Twilight. The tales are identical aside from the gender swap and an expedited ending.  … Continue reading

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Steps to Being a Modern Gentleman: A Rebuttal

After being confused, appalled and annoyed by the various items on this list I determined to write my own guide to being a gentleman. After all, as a romance reader I am well versed in what it takes to turn the average … Continue reading

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We Celebrate the Freedom to Read

Haruki Murakami said, “If you only read the books everyone else is reading you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” This quote speaks eloquently to Banned Book Week. Some people only want us to think what they are thinking. … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Re-watching Downton Abbey

In preparation for the coming (and final) season of Downton Abbey I’ve been binging on the previous seasons. My first thought as I watched those early episodes was that this is an easy show to binge. Every installment is a … Continue reading

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Midweek Minis: The September 2015 edition, part two

Welcome to the September Midweek Minis, part two. This week Dabney, Caz, Melanie and Maggie review and rate the books they’ve recently read. There’s a novel by a Pulitzer Prize winner, a WWI suffragette romance, a psychological suspense thriller, a historical … Continue reading

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Midweek Minis: The September 2015 edition, part one

Midweek minis! You know you missed them. This is the first one we’ve run since June and we’ve got so many reviews, we’re running half this week and half next week. This week, Dabney, LinnieGayl, Caz, Maggie, and Melanie share … Continue reading

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Midweek Minis: The Late June Edition

It’s been hotter than the devil’s backside where I live so, whenever possible, I’m staying indoors. And when the thermostat is still topping 100 degrees at the end of the day, I indulge in chilled rosé and hot romance and all is right in … Continue reading

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When Bad Sequels Happen to Good Books

In my many years as a reader I’ve read some disappointing sequels. I never really felt the love for Rose in Bloom, the sequel to Louisa May Alcott’s Eight Cousins. Something about the book never really captured me the way … Continue reading

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