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Whyborne & Griffin by Jordan L. Hawk – A Series Overview

Sci-fi as written by Anthony Trollope? The Palliser novels as imagined by Ray Bradbury? Well, the only easy generalization about Jordan L. Hawk’s remarkable Whyborne & Griffin series is that Widdershins holds onto its own. For her epic paranormal romance … Continue reading

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Writing Communities: A Guest Post and a Giveaway from Jennifer Lohmann

One of the things I like in a good contemporary romance is how real the characters feel. In a contemporary, the setting is familiar and the technology and manners and culture are all familiar, so I can sink into the … Continue reading

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Jane Ashford: Five Reasons to Love My Latest Hero (and a Giveaway!)

He cares about other people. He goes out of his way to help his brothers when they turn to him for aid with dilemmas big and small. Nathaniel likes making other people happy. He’s responsible and reliable. If he says … Continue reading

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An AAR Gift Guide: Science Fiction

AAR is running a series of blog posts on books we love which you might want to give as gifts. These books may be recent or classic, reviewed or unreviewed, digital or print – the only rule is that they … Continue reading

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31 Awesome Queer Romances You Should Read

I owe Alexis Hall a huge favor. I thought it would be lovley if we ended our Queer Romance Month Friday series with a list of LGBTQ+ books everyone should read. I also had this thought this past Tuesday night. I then asked Alexis if he … Continue reading

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Queer Regency romance: a chat with Ava March and KJ Charles

Today’s post is by queer Regency romance authors KJ Charles and Ava March. Ms. Charles’s latest book, A Fashionable Indulgence, is a DIK at AAR (review here). Ms. March’s The Viscount’s Wager was released by Carina yesterday. Thanks to both! … Continue reading

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Searching for the Past in Present Day London

My imagination is a fickle thing. You would think that, as a voracious reader, it would be well developed and up to the task of imagining character’s faces, clothing, and homes. Sadly, no matter that I’ve spent most of my … Continue reading

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AAR Poll Winners and the Test of Time

Commenters in the forums posed an interesting question: How do AAR Annual Poll results hold up over time? I went back to explore the winners and honorable mentions for Favorite Romance for the first five years, figuring those gave enough … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Romantic Films

There’s an obscure little film called Fifty Shades of Grey out for Valentine’s Day–today!– this year. Maybe you’ve already bought your tickets. Maybe you’re waiting to see it on Netflix. Maybe you’re waiting until hell freezes over. While we do have … Continue reading

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Dabney’s Best of 2014 List

My romance reading in 2014 can be summed up in one word: Contemporary. When I look at the almost 200 romances I read last year, only a quarter of them were historical romances. In previous years, that number would have … Continue reading

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