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Eagerly Awaited April Books

One look at everyone’s picks from the list tells me that April is going to be a HUGE month of historicals. Every year around this time I find myself eager to get my hands on the newest Simone St. James … Continue reading

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What’s Up at AAR

Hello again, everyone! It’s our round-up of some of what we’ve been doing. We’ve got lots and lots of Best of 2015 lists! And fresh content for you to enjoy. Here’s what’s new at AAR: The AAR Annual Readers’ Poll Annual … Continue reading

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Does Size Matter?

I’ve read some pretty long books in the course of my life. Tolstoy’s War and Peace with the original French quotes included – 1,296 pages. The Far Pavillions by M. M. Kay which comes in at a mere 960 pages.  … Continue reading

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Eagerly Awaited March Books

It’s March and as spring approaches, we are all getting antsy to get outside. And from the looks of my inbox, it appears that everyone here at AAR is getting anxious to pick up some good books, too. From male/male … Continue reading

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Whyborne & Griffin by Jordan L. Hawk – A Series Overview

Sci-fi as written by Anthony Trollope? The Palliser novels as imagined by Ray Bradbury? Well, the only easy generalization about Jordan L. Hawk’s remarkable Whyborne & Griffin series is that Widdershins holds onto its own. For her epic paranormal romance … Continue reading

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TBR Challenge: It’s Catch-Up Time!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Grace Burrowes’ writing, and although I’ve read the majority of her books, there are still a few I haven’t got around to, as she writes them faster than I can read … Continue reading

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A Blast from our Past: Declarations of Love

Here’s a column from three years ago. It holds up well, we think. What are your favorite proposals? We at AAR wish all our readers a happy Valentine’s Day! Today is Valentine’s Day, a day known for over-extravagant, “show me you love … Continue reading

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Writing in Pieces: A Guest Post (and a giveaway) from J.R Gray

Writing is a process. A deeply personal process. As artists who weave words, we all have our own variation of this process. I write in pieces. I used to think I was insane for writing the way I do, taking … Continue reading

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The Best of 2015: Melanie’s List

To be honest, my reading slacked off a lot in 2015. I usually read half again as much as I did this past year, a lot of which were forgettable at best, and absolute stinkers at worst. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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Falling in love in the used bookstore

When I was visiting my daughter in North Carolina, I fell in love with a book. My girls were both next door in a comic book store, so I was left to my own devices in a used bookstore, something … Continue reading

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