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Favorite Movie Kisses

One of my favorite scenes in a romantic movie is The Kiss. In many films dealing with romance there are lots of kisses but there is one kiss that is emphasized. The scene is highlighted through background music and dramatic … Continue reading

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Thank You, Roger Ebert

Around the time that I discovered the internet as a place of leisure, and not just research, I discovered movie reviews. I found it hugely satisfying to read movie reviews in the major publications – the New York Times, the … Continue reading

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Dark Shadows

Before we had the tormented Carpathians, and the Black Dagger Brotherhood, not to mention Edward of the Twilight series, many people grew up watching Barnabas Collins on Dark Shadows. No doubt the show paved the way for the acceptance of … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games: We Loved the Book, What About the Movie?

In an unspecified future a totalitarian government rises to rule a nation known as Panem. Born from the ashes of a United States devastated by war and the after effects of global warming, Panem is made up of twelve districts … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre: We’ve Got Ourselves One Heckuva Mr. Rochester

Last night I went to a screening of the new Jane Eyre, due to open in many cities next Friday.  As the Washington Post film critic told us at the movie’s conclusion, this is something like the 18th adaptation of … Continue reading

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Based Upon the Romance Novel By…

A week or two ago, while flipping channels, I delightedly discovered that I got the Lifetime Movie Network. I don’t usually watch Lifetime movies, but the particular film playing caught my attention: Nora Roberts’ Blue Smoke. I’ve heard of the … Continue reading

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Good on You, Zach Braff

Unlike romance novels, I feel almost no urgency to see movies when they come out (I make exceptions for Pixar, Kristen Scott Thomas, and Robert Downey Jr).  This explains why last night I watched Garden State for the first time, … Continue reading

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The Face of a Hero

During my book club’s latest meeting, a friend who’d seen the play version of a novel most of us had read, showed around some leaflets of the production and asked whether the two actors who played the leads were in … Continue reading

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Sometimes Prince Charming is Wearing a Beer-Stained Undershirt

I love sports romances. Love, love, love them. The thrill of the game, the athletic prowess, the conflict, the romance, and the sex all make for a heady combination. Some of my all-time favorites include See Jane Score by Rachel … Continue reading

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Watching with my Finger on the Rewind Button: My Twilight Experience

Yesterday I checked out a library copy of the movie Twilight with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and found myself unexpectedly enthralled by the chemistry between Bella and Edward onscreen.  Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I watched anything … Continue reading

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