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The State of AAR: September 2009

Last month we started the first in a series of monthly reports on the status of AAR. We’re happy to report that September was another good month. We added a variety of new content and visits continued to be strong. … Continue reading

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Yes, We Sell Advertising

And we have since the early days of the site. It costs a lot of money to run AAR.  First, there are the physical costs to get – and keep – AAR online.  We’re hosted by a reliable company who … Continue reading

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The Summer Storm of Aught Nine

Once again this week, just as it has multiple times every year since the Internets began, Romancelandia has erupted into flames. Out of the smoke and fire has emerged more than once from various quarters an old saw I truly … Continue reading

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RWA Conference Coverage: What’s Your Pleasure?

RWA Nationals are coming up July 15  – 18 and this year both Lynn Spencer and I will be attending. In previous years, AAR has offered extensive coverage – usually after the conference is over.  But the world – and … Continue reading

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Message Board Changes (And a Little Traffic Talk, Too)

Big changes are about to come to AAR’s message boards.  But with any luck, you’ll barely even notice them. Here’s the deal:  AAR’s message boards have previously been hosted on a separate server – not on AAR’s.  This has resulted … Continue reading

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When Middle of the Road Is Not an Insult

The dreaded MOR is exactly what xina called AAR in a post on this blog last week. I’ll admit that I knee-jerked to that designation because my head was suddenly filled with visions of Barry Manilow, James Blunt, Bread and … Continue reading

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When “Nice” Girls Attack

Janet of Dear Author offers an excellent rebuttal to Michelle Buonfiglio’s jaw dropping remarks at the Princeton Romance Conference last Friday. I take exception to one point, however:  I would argue that Ms. Buonfiglio was referring to more than just … Continue reading

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RWA D.C.: An Insider’s Guide to the City

Since RWA will be coming to my neighborhood in July of this year, I thought this local resident’s perspective might help a few of you in making plans for this summer. Hotels:  The conference is being held at the Marriott … Continue reading

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All in a Days’ Work

When I read Rike’s piece on places in romance, it made me think of another item that matters a lot to me in a romance – or indeed, in most things I read. I don’t expect an author to be … Continue reading

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An Authorial Snit

Though it’s nothing to be proud of, the “can’t look away from a train wreck” mentality is deeply engrained in most of us poor humans.  And, sadly, the Brockmann Dead of Night kerfuffle has devolved into one of the biggest … Continue reading

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