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2012 Reading Year So Far: Chick List and Women’s Fiction

Last week we featured a sneak peek at 2012 debut authors. This time, I’m taking an early look at Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction for 2012, a category that at times has been a bit of a problem in the … Continue reading

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New Book Trailer Discoveries

I love movie trailers. Back in February I saw a trailer for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and was hooked. It stuck in my mind as a “must see” movie, one I finally got to see this past weekend. But … Continue reading

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Favorite Settings: Greece

I love vivid settings in romance and am particularly fond of foreign settings. When they’re done well, I learn more about a country, feel as if I’m there, but still enjoy the story. Long before I ever visited Greece I … Continue reading

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Five Awesome Romance Things

Introduction first: In case you were unaware of the 1000 Awesome Things blog, Neil Pasricha was at a down point in his life a couple of years ago, and decided to cheer himself up by blogging about the good, often … Continue reading

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The “Country Cousin” Romances

Growing up I read a lot of historical novels. Many were set in the U.S., most in rural areas like the Appalachian, Ozark, or Smoky Mountain regions, the backwoods of Kentucky or the bayous of Louisiana. They primarily took place … Continue reading

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The Cupcake Craze

What is it about over-priced, calorie-laden, exotic cupcakes that has everyone in such a twitter?  I don’t get it. I particularly don’t get it when a friend was telling me that she bought cupcakes for her daughter’s class at school … Continue reading

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Reviewer’s Choice: Our 2011 Favorites

It’s that time of the year – when we get to celebrate our favorites and do nothing but gush. As usual, everyone picks one favorite (but can also mention their favorite runners up). This year is similar to last in … Continue reading

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In Search of the Real Regency

In my search for good historical reading, I’ll admit that I’m sometimes guilty of something. I’ll moan about Regency-set historicals as a shorthand for “historicals with idiot twit leads, wallpaper settings and stupid gimmicks that make me crazy.” And I … Continue reading

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Deal Breakers: Have We All Gotten a Bit Too Cranky?

Even a casual visitor to the AAR message boards quickly learns one thing:  We are an opinionated bunch. And in just about every thread somebody posts about a plot device they loathe.  Be it a couple who jumps into bed … Continue reading

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Historical Mystery Writers Panel

I recently attended an event featuring three historical mystery writers at Aunt Agatha’s bookstore. Two of the authors – Jeanne M. Dams and D.E. Johnson – set their mystery series in the United States during the early 1900s. The third, … Continue reading

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