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Jill Sorenson Interviews Suzanne Brockmann, Part I

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece discussing how, among other things, I wished that I could see more authors speaking publicly and candidly about books and the romance genre. Now we here at AAR are very happy to … Continue reading

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Readers Who Write

Reading and writing come hand in hand. I don’t know many readers who don’t like writing, or writers who don’t like reading. I am certainly a reader, but I hesitate to call myself a writer. I took several creative writing … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

During an e-mail conversation about the AAR poll, one person asked a question about 2011 debut authors. Several of us threw out some names of people we thought were first time authors, only to be informed that while a certain … Continue reading

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Getting Out My Red Pen: A Grammar Rant

Everyone has pet peeves. Mine are mostly grammatical. Confusing homonyms (your/you’re, they’re/their/there, etc.), overuse of ellipses, and comma splices are all things that make my eyes twitch when I’m reading something, whether it is a Facebook status, article, billboard, or … Continue reading

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Fries, Chips, Pommes

Most people I know have seen the movie, Love Actually. Remember the part where Colin decides to try finding love in the USA? After he gets to Wisconsin, Colin meets up with Stacey, Jeannie, and Carol-Anne, “three stunningly attractive women … Continue reading

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The Mighty Pen

Through a series of circumstances not worth relating, I currently find myself without a computer at home.  It particularly hurts for my  work as a teacher, as I often do mounds of paperwork and plan many lessons whilst ensconced in … Continue reading

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The Language Barrier

When I was a kid, I apparently had a remarkably sheltered upbringing compared to my peers. One day in second grade, my friends were all atwitter over a certain entry on the bathroom wall. I don’t remember the entire thing, … Continue reading

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