TBR Challenge 2011 – The Steamy Stuff

moonlight_mistress For July’s TBR Challenge read, I had to dip into the spicy stuff. I have more then a few Blazes lying around and several Megan Hart novels, but I was craving a historical. What to do? Then I remembered The Moonlight Mistress by Victoria Janssen. This World War I story has plenty of steam and romance, unusual characters, and all kinds of things that appealed to me. The execution could have been a little smoother, but I still enjoyed reading it. Were it a review book, it would probably go in the B- range.

The book opens with the lead couple, Lucilla Daglish and Pascal Fournier. They are in Germany on the eve of World War I and Lucilla has learned that her train to Paris via Strasbourg has been cancelled. Many are trying to flee and with the city’s hotels full, Lucilla faces the prospect of sleeping on the streets. A chemist, Lucilla has been working at a place called the Institute, and when she turns there in hope of at least finding a roof over her head, the gates are locked. At this point, French scientist Pascal discovers her and tells her that the foreign scientists have all been locked out of the Institute.
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