Summer Resolutions

reading-vintageNew Years Eve is the traditional time for most people to make resolutions; plans they have to improve their lives, old habits they’d like to break, more healthful habits they’d like to adopt. Some people make bucket lists of things they’d like to accomplish or experience over the course of the coming year. This is all well and good, but I’ve never found myself compelled to jump on the New Year resolution bandwagon. Part of this could be my overall feeling that New Years is an overhyped holiday, and after a solid month of holiday merry-making, I really want nothing to do with any of it. Continue reading

Packing for Vacation Ah, summer reading! Who doesn’t love it? And of course, vacation reading is an important part of the joy of summer.

With my Kindle, it should be easy to pack for the trip. Simply slide the Kindle into suitcase and go. But after considerable thought I decided that that would not be the route I’d be taking this year. Yes, the Kindle will be going but a mid-size bag of books will be going too.

The reason is pretty simple. I am sick of my TBR. It has long since ceased to be a pile, has expanded beyond a shelf, then shelves, and is looming into a room. I don’t have a room to devote to it. So several books from my “pile” will be joining me on this trip.

Looking over the shelves determining which of these books will be coming with me has not all been easy. I knew two right off the bat. Bound to Love Her by Esri Rose has been sitting on the shelf since 2008. As part of my Unofficial AAR Forums Reading Challenge (11 in 2011) it has to come with me. I’ve made several false starts with this one and it will be good to finally finish it and drop it in a bag to head to the UBS.

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Summer Reading Programs

summerWhen I was a kid the highlight of my summer was always the summer reading program.  Yes, my family went on vacation.  Often to really cool places.  Yes, I did things with friends.  But around April I anxiously awaited the unveiling of that years theme.

Would we be doing a Reading Roundup (cowboy theme)?  A Calling All Knights (Medieval theme)?  What would be the prizes?  I was never concerned about the number of books required.  Whether it was the 20 needed to get the elementary school top prize or the 40 needed for the junior high prize, I knew I could breeze through them.  Entire afternoons and evenings were passed in the happy daze of reading everything from Alcott’s Eight Cousins to The Secret Sign by Gladys Malvern or Knight’s Fee by Rosemary Sutcliffe.  If I miss anything about not having three months off every year it is this – the pleasure to simply spend eight hours a day indulging in my favorite past time.

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Summer Reading: What’s Your Pleasure?

summer_readingThe Memorial Day weekend is upon us and here in the U.S. that means summertime is kicking off. It’s the season of beaches, pools, quiet shady spots, and, for readers like us, the time when we’re all on the lookout for the Perfect Summer Read.

When I was a kid, a highlight of summer was always the championship levels I achieved in the local library’s reading club – you know, the kind of thing where you got a different colored construction paper star for the number of books you read? Believe me, I was always on the top rung.

But as we grow up, most of us don’t have the entire summer to do as we please.  (It sucks, doesn’t it?) We’re limited to a week or two of vacation and weekends as lazy as we can possibly make them.

I’ve always had a problem reading on the beach since there’s so much to see and experience that I have a hard time concentrating for any length of time.  I’m full of big plans about the books I’ll read and take w-a-a-a-a-y too many, but I get most of my vacation reading done in my room or sitting in a quiet, shaded spot sipping a Corona.

I remember, though, one moment on a perfect beach finding what was to me the Perfect Summer Read.

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