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Edward is Edythe and Bella is Beau: Discuss

On Tuesday, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Twilight, author Stephenie Meyer released a version of the book with 400 pages of new content. Twilight Reimagined: Life and Death tells the story of Edythe and Beau. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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AAR Staff Top Ten Favorites: Maggie’s Picks

Before I begin, I must issue a disclaimer. I don’t have ten favorite books. I have hundreds of them. I imagine most of us here at AAR do. When the idea for the Top Ten Tuesday came up I was … Continue reading

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It’s Latin for Cop Out

NOTE: Given the nature of the topic, there are spoilers for various books and series throughout the text. The other day I happened to catch an episode of the TV show Monday Mornings in rerun, and one of the characters … Continue reading

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When TSTL Works

Over the years here, we’ve said quite a bit about the TSTL(Too Stupid To Live) nutter, one of the heroines we love to hate. And I have long been among those who have hated them most fervently and vocally. The … Continue reading

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