Authors Behaving Smartly

unicornIt’s hot here.  Like over 100 degrees hot.  What’s a woman to do except try to distract herself from her misery by focusing on something nice?

So, in the spirit of rainbows and unicorns, here’s my personal list of authors I think are doing a great job at navigating the turbulent Internet waters.  And by personal list, I mean:

  • They’re on my personal radar.  There are lots of authors out there that I don’t follow who I’m sure are doing just as great a job who I may not be aware of.  This isn’t a wide-ranging list, but is strictly my own.
  • They’re not butt kissers.
  • They don’t turn every discussion online into “in my book…”
  • They don’t get huffy about online reviews or reader criticism.
  • They shine because their real personalities come through and the reader wants to spend time in their company.
  • They’re present online in more ways than just a blog or author Web site.  That may be a fine level of involvement for many authors and readers, but I’m just not one to take the time to visit  an individual author’s Web sites to read a blog.  I may go to an author blog if a link on Twitter or a message board leads me to it, but I just don’t surf author blogs on a regular basis. So, Jennifer Crusie (love the site design by the way), the Word Wenches, and Two Nerdy History Girls aren’t on my list, even though I think they are all made of awesome sauce.  (I’ve been dying to use the latter in a sentence. Okay. Moving on now.)

Ready for my social media honor roll?

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