Flirting with the Edge

Is there a point at which a series author needs to know when to give their fans what they want, when authors put off a book that is past overdue to be written?  When has an author strung the fans along enough for either marketing or “creative” reasons?  I have been asking myself these questions a lot lately.  I am not saying that author’s need to take advice or plot direction from their fans – not at all.  If I could write, I would.  I can’t, so I read.  I want them to come up with the plots, the dialogue, the characters, etc.  That isn’t what I am talking about.  I am talking about a trend that I see that is driving me nutty.  The idea that, within a series, there is a couple that everyone knows is going to come together, but the author keeps putting that book off.  Is there a point at which enough is enough and the author should just write what the fans want and stop stringing them along?

Let me give you a few examples. First off, I like G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series.  There are five books in the series with a few short stories from anthologies, as well.  In the second book, About a Dragon, published November 2008, there was a potential couple that was introduced – Izzy and Eibhear.  Izzy is the hero Briec’s step daughter and Eibhear is his brother.  The two seemed destined to be together from the start.  It is now three books later, at one published a year, and the two are still not together though their story continues to be a subplot.  It is getting frustrating.  I understand that the author may have a big story arc going on in their head, and I am fine with that.  So far, I understand what she felt needed to happen between the two and I can understand.  But to wait four years to write the story that you prep the reader on in another story?  Is that asking too much?  Is this done for artistic reasons or marketing purposes?  That I even have to ask myself that disturbs me.

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The Other Type of Series

bridgerton_series Lynn started the week out by talking about one type of series books in Series Serendipity – the category romance books that we see coming out every month in a variety of lines. However, sometimes when readers are talking series, we’re just talking about interrelated sets of books from an author. And, love them or hate them, there seem to be a lot of interconnected series out there these days!
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