RWA 2010 – My Take

swandolphin Most important personal lesson learned this year? Even if it might be cost-effective, taking a 5:30 a.m. flight home that requires one to check out of the hotel by 3:00 a.m. is miserable. Aside from that, however, RWA 2010 was a wonderful experience.

I came in a day earlier than Sandy and Blythe, so I took the time to play at Epcot and to meet some of the wonderful folks I see online. One of the first people I saw upon arriving in Orlando was former AAR-er Megan Frampton, who is very funny in person. I also enjoyed spending time with blogger/author Keira Soleore and it was a thrill to meet Amanda McCabe whose novel, Countess of Scandal, got a DIK from me earlier this year. And then I got to meet Cara Elliott and AnimeJune and Kristie(J) and… You get the idea.

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RWA Orlando, Day 1

swandolphin I spent most of yesterday travelling, but I made it to Orlando! I got to the Swan and Dolphin after RWA registration had closed for the day, so I’ll have to hit registration in the morning before I head out to Epcot. As you can see from the photo, the Swan and Dolphin is a massive resort. And everywhere I turn, it’s filled with book people. From the time I got into the airport and found myself on a shuttle full of RWA-goers, I have been having fun getting settled and meeting some wonderful romance people.

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RWA 2010!

disney Next week is the national conference for Romance Writers of America (RWA). Blythe Barnhill, Sandy Coleman and I will all be attending, and hopefully learning a lot. Last year was my first time at RWA, and while the conference is almost overwhelmingly huge, I had a blast getting to meet some wonderful authors (both published and aspiring), reviewers, and other book industry types. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the publishers have in store for us going forward.

We’ll be there with our laptops, and will be blogging from the conference. In addition, if you want to follow what’s going on throughout the day, I’d suggest keeping an eye on Twitter. We’ll be doing most of our tweeting from the @allaboutromance account. In addition, you can find us all individually at: @blytheaar, @LynnAAR,and @SandyAAR.
I’m getting into Orlando late Tuesday afternoon, and Blythe and Sandy will both be arriving Wednesday.

Now here’s the important part for you: Is there something from an author or publisher(or about Romanceworld in general) that you would like to know? If so, put it in the comments below, and we’ll try our best to help you out and get you the news you want to be reading.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

– Lynn Spencer