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Speaking of Audiobooks: Covers – Help or Hindrance?

When making a decision to buy an audiobook, the cover doesn’t influence my choice one way or another. If I want a particular audiobook, I’ll buy it, and if I don’t like the cover, I’ll remind myself that with my … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Type of Cover?

As long as I have read romance novels, I’ve been interested in their covers. They are bright and often lurid and embarrassing. Who wants to sit on a bus, or at a coffee shop, reading a book with the characters … Continue reading

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Romance Novel Covers: A Rant

They’re like bad relatives.  You can’t avoid sleazy Uncle Bob or foul-mouthed Cousin Betty, because Uncle Bob married to Aunt Emily (the loveliest auntie in the world), and Cousin Betty is sister to Cousin Mark (who’s like a brother).  But … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal with Cover Café

Answering the (oft asked) question: How did the Cover Contest come to be? Don’t forget to vote in this year’s contest.  Voting is open until midnight, May 28, 2009. The Annual 2008 Romance Cover Contest at Cover Cafe. May is … Continue reading

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