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Speaking of Audiobooks: Celebrating Audiobook Month with Reviews

June is Audiobook Month and in celebration of that event, we have a special edition of Speaking of Audiobooks for you today and we’re featuring all reviews – seven of them including our first “dueling” review.  Most are longer in … Continue reading

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Speaking of Audiobooks: October 2010 Releases

Listening to those old tape cassettes – it seemed like such a good idea when I reported my favorable experience in the September Releases Speaking of Audiobooks column.  But that was before I started listening to the cassette tape audiobooks … Continue reading

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of…Theft

Have you ever had your home broken into? Even if no one is hurt and nothing is damaged, that feeling of violation remains. What if someone copies your work, puts her name on it and turns it in as her … Continue reading

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Speaking of Audiobooks: Why Do We Listen?

Years ago, I considered audiobooks useful for one of two things – inspiration or instruction.   At the time “books on tape” was the operative phrase and I rarely listened to an audio tape unless I was in my car commuting … Continue reading

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The State of AAR: August 2009

While many people were on vacation during August, it was a busy month for AAR staff and readers. We’re proud of what’s happening at AAR and wanted to share some of it with you in a once-a-month report. This is … Continue reading

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Today is the Last Day of Publication for Book World

And somehow I just can’t bring myself to mourn. I’ve read the Washington Post almost daily since I was a teenager and I am, not surprisingly, a bookie.  And I was from the moment I first got a book in … Continue reading

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