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When “I Can’t” Becomes “No One Should”

I hate Jersey Shore. I saw it just one time, when my daughter was watching the first episode and I happened to be in the room. I found the people horrifying, and the very idea that I was watching them … Continue reading

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The People We Hate to Love

During my life I’ve been a critic and/or a reviewer of books, movies, theatre, live events, and art.  I’ve written a weekly book review column as well as a weekly art critic column. Everywhere I’ve worked and for everyone who … Continue reading

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Your Qualifications, Ma’am?

I admit it: I am a Malcolm Gladwell fan girl. I don’t stalk his blog or anything, but I’ve read all his books – two of them twice – and found them all fascinating. I recently reread Outliers: The Story … Continue reading

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Our raison d’etre

I got what I’d politely call a very confrontational e-mail from an author last week. She writes for a smaller press (electronic and POD), and referred to herself as an “independent author.”  The gist of her e-mail was that AAR … Continue reading

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Today is the Last Day of Publication for Book World

And somehow I just can’t bring myself to mourn. I’ve read the Washington Post almost daily since I was a teenager and I am, not surprisingly, a bookie.  And I was from the moment I first got a book in … Continue reading

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So, What Do Reviewers Get Out of it Anyway?

In a recent thread at our Let’s Talk Romance Novels Forum, the question was raised why reviewers write reviews, what they get out of it (if they don’t receive any remuneration, which is the case at almost all online review … Continue reading

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When It’s Time to Step Away

At an ad agency where I once worked, the guys in the mailroom had a cartoon posted in pride of place where most of us saw it every single day.  It depicted a group of brain surgeons surrounding a patient … Continue reading

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