Who Wants to Be a Reviewer?

It’s probably pretty plain that we love romance here, and we enjoy reviewing books and trying to give readers good information about what’s out there. But – there’s a lot of books and comparatively few of us. We would love to add a few more reviewers, so if you’re interested in All About Romance, we would be thrilled to have you apply.

What’s the commitment? We ask that reviewers be willing to commit to reading and reviewing at least three books per month. If you want to do more, that’s wonderful! But we do try to keep a minimum so that people know what to expect.

Are we looking for particular genres?
As you can see from looking at our current roster, we welcome readers with a wide variety of tastes and would like to people interested in reviewing any genre of romance. I will warn you: sometimes reviewing makes your tastes change! When I started in 2003, I read historicals and romantic suspense, with a smattering of category books, almost exclusively. However, seeing my fellow reviewers and other readers talking about books broadened my horizons quite a bit and I’m now a much more eclectic reader. Since we’ve lost a few reviewers in the subgenres, we’d certainly like to see some historical and paranormal readers, but we’d love to hear from readers of all subgenres of romance.

How do I apply? You can apply by email. Please send us two sample reviews – one should be a DIK, and the other should be a D or F review. You should include your full name and email address. Email should go directly to Blythe Barnhill at Blytheaar AT gmail DOT com and you’ll just need to put “AAR Reviewers” in the subject line.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me (lspenceraar AT hotmail DOT com) or Blythe. You can also contact us using the contact form. Good luck and happy reading!

– Lynn Spencer

Looking for a Few Good Women (or Men)

image1fullWhen I was at the RWA conference this past summer, someone asked me how long I’d been reviewing online. “Since 1998,” I replied. Then saw the double take. “1998???”

Yep, that long. I’ve watched AAR go from renegade to respected institution. I’ve seen perceptions of online reviewers change from the Rodney Dangerfield-esque days of “No Respect” to, well, respect. I’ve reviewed in three separate decades of my life, starting in my twenties, continuing through the entire decade of my thirties, and now entering my forties. I’ve watched trends, authors, and publishers come and go.

The point of this is not that I am getting old (my kids remind me of that often), or that I’m a dinosaur by Internet standards, but that I’ve seen a lot of people come and go over twelve years. Not only on AAR, but elsewhere. Life’s complicated, and it’s busy. People have babies, lose jobs, get jobs, move, and burn out. Hang around awhile, and you’ll appreciate what it takes to maintain your interest, your passion, and your love of romance year after year. (Just ask Ellen, who has been at AAR longer than I).

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