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Avon Wants a Piece of Your Mind…

Have you ever wanted to give a publisher a piece of your mind? Well, Avon is asking for one. They have a fairly extensive survey for romance readers on facebook. They want to know how you read, how much you … Continue reading

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Favorite Romance Audiobooks Poll

The time has finally come for our first annual Favorite Romance Audiobooks Poll and it’s one I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation.  When I first envisioned this poll two years ago in the first days of our Speaking of … Continue reading

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Announcing….the 2010 Top 100 Romances Poll Results!

The weekend may be over, but today is a special Monday. After many hours of reviewing ballots, tabulating results, and coding, drumroll please… The Top 100 Poll results are up! Since our pollsters receive hundreds of ballots and have to … Continue reading

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What About Settings?

Okay, I’ll admit to being guilty of this, too. Like many readers I know, I tend to talk about settings in terms of what I don’t want to see or what I am tired of seeing. However, I’m curious now … Continue reading

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Correcting Author Mistakes

A few days ago I was trolling the interwebs looking for any tidbits about Rachel Gibson’s next book. (Yes, I know her last book only came out 2 months ago, but I’m impatient. Sue me.) So anyway, I visited her … Continue reading

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The AAR Top 100 Poll: October Is Just Around the Corner

Get ready…it’s coming!  Yes, we’re going to be updating the All About Romance Top 100 Romances Poll this coming October.  To refresh your memory, here are the reigning Top 100. It’s been three years since we last polled for your … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Favorite Vampire?

With the premiere of New Moon looming, suddenly everyone’s talking about vampires. The diehard Twilight fans I know never entirely stop talking about it, but the chatter grows ever louder. I’ve read all the books and I suspect I’ll end … Continue reading

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A Pollster’s Dilemma

Let me start by saying I love being an AAR pollster. From a personal standpoint, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and become friends with, Lee and Cindy, my wonderful fellow pollsters. From a romance-reading perspective, I get … Continue reading

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Vote for the Next AAR Book Club Selection (Poll Closed)

First of all, the easy part:  Thanks to everyone who suggested books to be considered.  Now, it gets a bit more complicated. I wanted to stick with in print contemporaries and romantic suspense.  I also wanted to hold over three … Continue reading

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Favorite Books by Favorite Authors for August

A note from our pollsters, Lee, LinnieGayl and Cindy:   We would once again like to thank all of the authors who let their fans know about the latest poll on their blogs, Facebook pages, email lists, and by other means. … Continue reading

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