Speaking of Audiobooks: November Releases

Black IceAfter our Speaking of Audiobooks discussion earlier this month on our preferred listening devices, I made out my Christmas list and it is simply – one MP3 player with lots of memory and the ability to play the enhanced format I’ve been hearing about lately.  So notice to family…pool you money.  I’ll be thrilled with just this one gift and my wish is for it to have at least 16 GB of memory.

The search for upcoming audiobooks gets more interesting every day (or should I say more challenging).  Although I compile a list of upcoming audiobooks each month for this mid-month column, many books fail to make that list and the reason is quite clear.   Audible, the largest source of romance audiobooks, doesn’t provide a comprehensive list of their upcoming releases.

Our list of upcoming October audiobook releases was small with a total of 10 books in the unabridged category.  However, as of today, Audible has released another 27 romance audiobooks in October that failed to make our upcoming release list because we simply had no notice.  To make up for this lack of notification, we will now update each current month’s list at the time of this mid-month new releases column.  For example, this column provides you with an upcoming list of 10 abridged titles and 20 unabridged titles scheduled for release in November.  In addition, our October list of releases has now updated and the number of unabridged titles has increased from 10 to 37.  I’m determined to find a way around this lack of information so we can keep romance audiobook fans up to date on the latest offerings.

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